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Hague Return Denied

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Carlos Please keep the faith. I am sorry for them doing this to you. You will win.;)

Carlos, everything in life happens for a reason. We don't really know why bad things happen to good people but God knows what is better for each of us. Our time it is not HIS time. We just have to keep the faith and never give up hope! My children were taken in 2006 to UK. After 6 months the judge ordered the return, but unfortunately my ex-husband fled to Brazil and since then I've been waiting a year and a half for a hiring that never happen. I almost had my children here with me in 2007 and that makes me very sad. But I never gave up! I'm still working to get them back and if it was not supposed to be in 2007 it will be when God permits. Keep working and never give up!!!

Carlos, I am so sorry. Is there anything we can do? Please let me know. This can't be the end. You have to keep fighting and we will help.


--- Quote from: tweinstein;19963 ---This speaks to the necessity for each country to designate a few judges with specific experience in the Hague Convention to handle all cases, regardless of where in the country the children are. Unfortunately, even the United States does not do this.
The only option you have now Carlos is to maintain a perpetually positive attitude and file an appeal.
--- End quote ---

I so agree with the above.
Carlos - my heart hurts for you now. What can we do!? This is so unbelievable! WHEN THE NIGHTMARE ENDS!? (ok, back to earth) I am sorry, I really am... as TWeisten says:  keep the positive attitude and, if you can, file an appeal...
At some point, some nations will need to come together for a better world here, as far as the HC concerns...

Wow! I feel sick. I can't believe they ruled against you with all the evidence you have. But like you said, this ruling is cosmetic. Hopefully, the appeal will be more favorable. Maybe we can all email the Mexican Government after you file the appeal. What does everyone think?


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