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My X is not a US citizen. She is Australian. I had to pull the passports and notify every agency that not to allow my daughters out or the country  Dont know if that helps, but she has no passports, and I understand can not get them without my signature.   Anyway , her family has mentioned before about sneaking them out as once in Australia they would fight custody on their turf, with their rules and could hide my daughters and my x out for years down there before anyone could find them.  
So my X demanded that neither of us could leave the state without each others permission. I agreed to that. She thought it would prevent me from taking my daughters to see their grandparents in Illinois ( we are in Missouri) but later she agreed to let me take them to my parents whenever I wanted, but I could not go elsewhere without both of us agreeing on this.  
Now she has broke the rule a few times herself, and I didnt say much. She is the 'do as I say, not as I do' type of person, very selfish , arrogant and of course whatever she wants is correct no matter what the circumstances are.  I once on a weekend trip to my parents took my daughters on the ferry that crossed from southern illinois into into Kentucy, turned around and took the ferry back, and you would have thought I had made my daughters smoke crack as much of a chewing out I recieved for not first getting the ok from my X just to cross the state line that day.  And I have never made even the slightest suggestion of moving, much less leaving the country as she has. But she is a control freak and this is what she does.

So the past few years have been fairly quiet, only an occasional grumble about her not being able to take the girls and live in Australia with them.  She of course continues to break rules like changing daycares and doctors without us agreeing upon it. But she follows those up with a very unrealistic "sorry, I forgot" line and a smug smile. But I always figure its best to let her break all the rules for whenever I get enough money to hire an attorney to get the joint custory we originally agreed upon.
Ok side track. She left me after I was injured at work. She spent a lot of my settlement that was for my medical and rehabilitation, and funnled some to an account she opened up in Australia when we went on vacation there not long before she divorced me. It was a whole marriage of deception and lies, and I was the gullible party who has paid dearly. Just to give you an idea, it was on a Thursday she tells me that she loved me and would never want to be married to anyone else. She was going to stay with me until the end of time...  That following Tuesday , she tells me she cant stand me, is divorcing me, and has been dating someone else for over a year.   Lets just say she is not the most honest, or trustworthy person on earth.

Anyway, she left when I was having my spinal surgeries so i was not sure if I would even be able to watch my daughters on my own then as they were young still. 1 and 3 years of age.  So we made an agreement that if I eventually recouperated to a point where watching them was not a problem, I would get Joint physical custody.  I did recover and have no problem tacking care of them. But now she says she has changed her mind, but has never told me why.  Originally I had ask the arbitrators during the child custody hearing to add that to the agreement, but the arbittrator said there is no specific spot for it on the form, so we would just have to make it a verbal agreement.  
Now one thing I learned with dealing with insurance companies and workers comp during my accident, was to record everything and save it.  MP3 players are great recorders, so I used that for everything during the divorce. I have her in arbitration agreeing to this. I even have the arbitrator saying what she said, and I have my X saying she changed her mind.  I dont know if I can use them later, but I hope I can.

So let me get back to the matter at hand. Her mother is coming over, and today my X anounces that they are going to take the girls to Florida over summer vacation if I will agree to the extra days.   Now my attorney friend who was a divorce attorney for many years told me to many people sneak kids out through florida, dont take the chance.  Since we have an agreeement not allowing travel to states without both parties agreeing on it, all I have to do is say no. Of coures that didnt work, now she says her attorney told her she doesnt have to do that , she can just go but has to tell me that she is going, and give me contact details.
So I told her I wont agree to the days.  She says she will do it anyway.
Her mother had said they want to bring my X and our daughters to live in australia soon, and I had better be preparied to just deal with it because they were going to do it.  Ive had threats of possible death from other family members as well.  They figure if I was dead, then there would be no problem with moving our daughters to Australia.  For an idea of how these people think, my X and her mom faked child abuse against my X's own father because they were mad at him.  My X said later she had told her father that she was sorry, but that was years after they did this.  
So basically I am scared shitless here.  I can not afford an attorney on my disability and now part time work.  She is really talking about leaving, and I know Florida is a great way out.  To many charter boats to take them anywhere they want to go.   I have a good friend who ran a fishing charter for many years down there in the 1970's, and he said he had seen people leave the country all the time. He was approached several times with very good money offers to do it, but he didnt want to take the chance of getting caught.  So I know it happens, I know she wants to. I know her family wants it done and I know with their history what they are capible of doing.  My question is, what I can do to stop it?  Or do I just have to wait and see if it happens, then go through all the trouble David is going through?  I cant afford an attonery.  I demanded arbitrations as we can agree on the summer schedule and locations, but her attorney can postpone that until after she goes to florida. Then it could be to late.
Are there no rights for US citizen parents and children?  My daughters do not have dual citizenship either, they are only US citizens. Thank goodness we didnt get that finsihed like she wanted to before the divorce came around.  What can i do?

Sorry for the length, but I thought a little background would help here as most things are never black and white.

I don't know what to do. Hopefully Tweinstein and Carlos will read this soon. I would say to go to court TODAY! Explain your case and fight for full custody. I don't think you need a lawyer to go to family court. It would be better if you had one but desperate times call for desperate measures.

what the he__ is wrong with people.?  These evil people ALWAYS put the child in the middle ..... I will never in my life time figure out the demented thinking of parents who totally do this to their children.

They can do an emergency hearing right away and I would go and do that now.  They sound like bully's, terrible and scary.  PM Tweinstein and ask him how you go about this, he would know.

It's time to crank up the phone calls. Where do you suggest we start? with SOS Clinton?


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