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In the recent decision by the family court judge to deny my son's return to the US she claimed that my wife hasn't been to the US since October of 2007 and that since I waited till June 2008 to file the Hague application, even though that would still be within one year, I must have consented to the abduction of my son or I wouldn't have waited so long.  I submitted receipts and confirmation numbers for plane tickets that prove my wife was in the US until May of 2008 but the Mexican court has claimed that these "private" documents cannot be substantiated as well as a vehicle title for a car my wife registered in NC but the judge also held that it was possible that she registered a North Carolina title, which is a public document, without ever coming to NC and didn't seem to care that the address on the title was our address.  

Today I wrote the following email to Allison Woodley of the Office of Children's Issues:

from: Carlos    
to: "Woodley, Allison" <>   
date      May 1, 2009 11:22 AM   
subject   Re:   
Ms. Woodley,

Can you tell me the status of my request to have certified information on any and all entries into the US made by my wife and son between the Dates of October 2007 and August 2008 given to my Hague attorney in Mexico?  Although I have faxed back the Privacy Act Waiver my lawyer tells me that he hasn't received any phone calls.  As I stated in my first email to Mr. Leyva a failure to provide this information in a timely fashion will render it useless in the Hague proceedings for my son.  I regret that I feel it needs to be said, but if I do not have confirmation from your office that this information will provided I will be writing to my Senators and inviting friends and family to do the same this weekend and then working to have the press cover the OCI's refusal to release critically pertinent information relating to the international abduction of my son by his non-custodial mother to a country that, by the State Departments own reports, demonstrates patterns of non-compliance, with the justification for not doing so being the "privacy" of the abductor and the child who are my legal wife and son, respectively.


[contact info removed[/I]

I have not received a response from them and, true to my word, I am writing to my senators to ask them to provide any assistance they can in obtaining this information.  I ask that any who has the time to do so also write to their senators asking them to push the OCI to release this information for use during my appeal and to ask them to request that the FBI show cause as to why they have not yet filed international child abduction charges and requested extradition.  Please also advise them that I can be contacted at the above the number and email and would be more than happy to fax them a privacy waiver.

My son's details are:

Name: Sage Antonio Bermudez Rayon
DOB: May 14th 2007

Thank you!!

Carlos, what an outrage and a total disgrace. I'm sorry to hear about this development. I will send you a PM with a few ideas.

My mother's letter to her senator for those that are looking for ideas.. she linked back to Sage's thread here :)

I am the heartbroken grandmother of Sage Bermudez. My grandson Sage Antonio Bermudez Rayon, born May 14 2007, and was abducted by his mother Ana Rayon, to Mexico in June of 2008..  My son has made heroic efforts, working alone, to recover his child.

I am writing to request  your assistance in overseeing that the appropriate agencies do their job and step up to offer their assistance,  in expediting his return.

As you know Mexico and the United States have an international agreement about how to handle wrongful retention and wrongful abduction of children from their original countries of residence: The Hague Convention of 1980. Both countries are obliged to make sure that this treaty is enforced..

The following is some background in the unlawful abduction of Sage, my grandson.

My son, David was born in Muskegon and grew up in Holland.

He met and married Ana Belem in Miami where he attended Florida International University and graduated with honors.  He then began a job as a software engineer, and moved to N.C.  They had a son. Sage.   David was a very good husband, father and provider.   She told David that she was going to Az. to help her Aunt and then disappeared.   He was able after a few weeks to track her to Mex. and was also, able to retrieve pictures that showed a male co worker and his wife were involved in an intimate relationship and this man was holding his son.

He initially tried to work out an arrangement where she would return and have custody and he would pay support and have frequent visitation.  She offered infrequent visitation in Mexico if he would pay huge amounts of money.

He obtained a lawyer here and was granted temporary full custody. She was served with papers to appear in court in North Carolina.  He also at great expense has hired a second lawyer from Mexico City.  The court in Salamanca  has unlawfully treated this as a family court issue and awarded in her favor.

 The judge in Salamanca has held that he must have consented to the abduction given the fact that Ana went to Mexico in November 2007 and he didn't file the Hague application until August of 2008.  Even if this were the case it would still be within the one year period specified by Article 12 of the Convention.  In fact, she only went on vacation to Mexico in November when her aunt was dying of cancer and returned to the US.  She returned and remained in the U.S until the abduction in June, 2008.  He has requested that the Office of Children's Issues at the US State Department allow access to any and all records of her and Sage's entries into the US but they are claiming they cannot do that since it would violate the privacy of the abductor who is still legally HIS wife and that of HIS own son.

  I am requesting that you contact OCI  and force the release of this information to his attorney immediately for use in his appeal.

  I am also asking that you contact the FBI and ask them to proceed, to do their job.  Their help has not been forthcoming and his pleas for assistance have been ignored.  He is asking that they file criminal charges and request extradition.

Mexico is acknowledged by the State Dept. to be non-compliant with the tenets of the Hague Convention which, up to now, without assistance from the FBI and the OCI, this  has been his only avenue for recovering his son. As one of the signatory countries to the Hague, the Mexican government should never look the other way while a parent takes a child and violates valid court orders and the provisions of this international agreement..  But they do,  leaving it necessary, to file criminal charges.

The wrongful removal and retention of children from their home is extremely painful, to the left behind parent and family.  As you know without assistance this can play out for years.      Please evaluate your options for assistance and if possible,  contact him at  You can also contact me at this email.  My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.   Thank you for your consideration.  Diane McKeel

So do yo want us to write also Carlos? I will do that first chance I get. I should be able to get it done sometime tonight. tomorrow at the latest.


--- Quote from: Teena;20312 ---So do yo want us to write also Carlos? I will do that first chance I get. I should be able to get it done sometime tonight. tomorrow at the latest.
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