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Need help with the Office of Children's Issues

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--- Quote from: carlos;20314 ---Yes, it should be the '@'.. I always replace it w/ something when I post an email address online. There are lots of webcrawlers that scan the internet looking to harvest email addresses for spam lists and hopefully the # is enough to confuse them.
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Oh really? hmmm I never thought of that. now wonder I get so much spam :eek:. No problem on the letter. I will work on it tonight.

Teena: I writing to my senator??? Or someone else? Just let me know......


--- Quote from: Teena;20318 I writing to my senator??? Or someone else? Just let me know......
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I'm actually not sure if it's better to write to your own senators or to mine... perhaps both.  If you write to my senators please also mention Devon's case in NC.  

My senators from the prior effort and Devon's info:

►►Parent#1: Devon Davenport
Child: Nadia Drummond (infant)
Abducted: February 2009
Location: Brazil
BSH Thread:

►►Parent#2: Carlos Bermudez
Child: Sage (age 22 months)
Abducted: June 2008
Location: Mexico
BSH Thread:

►Senator Richard Burr
Phone: (202) 224-3154
Fax: (202) 228-2981

►Senator Kay Hagan
Phone: 202-224-6342
Fax: 202-228-2563

You got it!

OMG this is INFURIATING!! Ok..Carlos, please send them another e-mail giving them express permission to talk to me.  If you want my help I will be on the phone with them on Monday insisting this information be handled expediently I will not stop until I have assurances from someone in that office that they will comply with your requests. Please trust that I will be polite and appreciative while being extremely insistant.  This is appalling that you cannot get this information!  Since I'm calling from Canada it's difficult for me to get anyone to listen to me unless I have your permission to call on your behalf.  If you are not comfortable doing this then tell me how I can help from here.


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