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If you are a left-behind parent and you would like to write an article for publication, please contact me.

If you are a supporter, please read through the articles and share your thoughts about them.

I found the article was of a great value! It is very important that people get to know a little of what we went through as far as financially and the frustration in having to deal with the Hague in Brazil and so on. Keep up the good work!!!

I hope that people have found the articles I wrote to be helpful. It's time to see what others come up with when they "put pen to paper". There are two threads that I think provide a great source of information that could be used to write new articles:

If anyone is interested in tackling this job, please reply.


I thought that it was time to publish another article about the Brazilian legal system. I think it helps the lay person to understand why everything takes so long and what the outlook is for the future. This is, by far, the longest and most technical article that I have written. Thanks go to Andre Felipe for his invaluable support in researching the legal aspects of the article.

The Brazilian Judicial System and the Hague Convention

Someone asked me a question How we Know that the child who has taken by a parent will be right with the parents who took him or with the parent who was left behind.....Life can be complicated


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