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Happy Birthday Sage

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Dearest son,

Two years ago today you came into this world and into our life.  A day I will remember until the end of mine.  I have no words that can express the love I had for you then… and still have for you today.  On that day I swore that I would always be there for you.  In me you would find your strongest ally and advocate and, in the years to come, you would be surrounded by love, peace, safety and all the happiness that I could give you.  I would not make the mistakes of my father.  I would never leave you and would always be there to teach you the lessons of life and manhood that I had learned on my own.  I looked forward to helping you understand all about the new world that now surrounded you and that you looked upon with such wonder.  Had it been within my power you would not have learned some of the harsher realties of life until you were much older, but, as it turned out, the passing of time has found us separated, and I am unable to celebrate this very special day by your side.  Life sometimes has a way of taking us down paths we wish not to follow.  This path was not my choice but rather one I have tried change with every fiber of my being, but, as my absence shows, I have failed to do so… just as I failed to recognize the forces at work which would lead to the possibility of this situation ever existing.  

There are some bonds that time and distance cannot break.  My love for you is one of them.  I look forward to the day that we can be together again and hope I will never miss celebrating another of your birthdays with you.  Though we are apart my thoughts are with you today and everyday.  In spite of the circumstances, I hope you find yourself surrounded by people who love you as much as I do and have made today as special for you as it is for me.  

Happy Birthday my Beloved Son,

Happy Birthday Sage!

I'm sorry you can't be with your son today carlos :(


That was beautiful Carlos. I hope you've saved a copy of that for Sage to read when he reaches those "trying teen years", and you're having philosophical differences about life.
I'm sure by then you will be together and will have healed from this horrible nightmare.

Happy Birthday to you Sage.

Happy Birthday, Sage! May you always be the cute, sweet little boy you are. Your Daddy loves you very much!
Carlos, [[hugs]]


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