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Happy Birthday Sage

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I really hope this is the last year you two spend a birthday apart. Sage needs to be with his daddy who loves him so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAGE!!!:birthday:

Carlos, are you doing okay?

Yeah, i'm good.  Thanks for asking.  Birthday's and holidays are always hard.  I took Sage's bday off work and stayed home.  I had no motivation or desire to work that day and wouldn't have gotten anything done if I'd tried.  

Thank you all for wishing Sage a happy bday :)

I hope someday to know how it actually went.  I still don't get any pictures or information about how he's doing and my emails go unanswered.

Praying for you today, Carlos, that this is the last birthday you will miss and that long before this time next year you and Sage are reunited -- and that every day (not just birthdays), you'll be able to show your son how much you love him.

Stay strong, Carlos.

Happy birthday, Sage.  :birthdaycake

Had tears in my eyes reading this.  Hoping that he will soon know how much you love him.  Even though I don't know you or him personally, I wish him a very Happy Birthday.  Stay strong Dad!  Will pray for both of you.


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