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Happy Birthday Sage

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That was beautiful Carlos.  I hope you save a copy of this for your son.


Carlos, what a nice letter!!!! I am so sorry for what you are going through, it is harder for you than it is for your son, who is too young to understand, but someday he will... and you will be there for him as usual!
Parabens Sage!!!

Carlos, what a heartbreaking letter that is well written.... I pray that your nightmare will end soon ...Until then your a great father and your son will realize it when he comes home to you ..Until then keep your faith and be strong!!!   Happy Birthday Sage!!!!!

The Letter made me cry... jeesh..... But what a wonderful  letter it is.....
and a very happy birthday to sage .


Happy Birthday Sage!!!:cheer:

Carlos I am so... sorry for what you are going through.:frown:


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