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"Brazil com z" and Sean's birthday

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caique mateus:
Our favourite blogger asks people to leave birthday messages to Sean today. Click on "comente" and leave your too.

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.. Uploaded by Eduardo de Oliveira - 25.5.2009 | 2h19m.No anniversary of Sean, blogger asks tolerance
A photograph taken in Rio in February shows that there is relationship between father and son. This is the fifth anniversary of that Sean David Goldman will not have the child at home.

Today, May 25, Sean Richard Goldman complete 9 years. A Brazilian family to celebrate the boy in Rio de Janeiro - Sean deserves.

In New Jersey, in place of the traditional blowing of candles, the loneliness of a parent. Instead of hugging the family, Birthday, the emptiness.

This is the fifth anniversary that passed away from his son David Goldman. The date enhances the memories of the party at Chuck E. Cheese's, the fantasy of pirate, the proud smiles of the four grandparents.

Since 2004, David says the absence of pain is also felt in birthdays at Christmas, Father's Day, every day.

"No matter what today's debate (on the case Sean) at the end of the day my son will not be me," bubble David Goldman, the father of the boy on Friday.

The feeling of insecurity, there is doubt about the future that David feels now is very familiar to many people. At least 49 other parents feel alienated from the length of the hostages Brazilian Justice.

But today, the tireless advocates of returning the boy to the U.S., including many Brazilians, suspend the letters to American politicians to send a message of affection to Birthday.

It is likely that Sean does not know any of them. But that is where is the force of public opinion. That sure has many people around the world - that Brazil is not complying with orders that international law - to be able to protect other parents to spend the nightmare that David lives - including Brazilian parents.

Let's change the tone today. I call: disarm the keyboards, unmount the forehead Franz, stop sending negative thoughts about who are opposed to you.

Use the space of this blog to send a message of support, a force Sean to Goldman.

Not the responsibility of playing on his small shoulders. Tell him - good in Portuguese - which represents the journey for you, for your child, to Brazil. The Americans are doing the same.

So do the celebration of the life of a boy as the special focus of today - that the U.S. is time to celebrate the vital efforts of ex-combatants in war, and also the national day of missing children in the country.

I cannot get over the "birthday greeting" from Elisabeth Vasconcellos. Or should I say the barrage of them.
I sent a complaint to the editor, that we were asked to give a birthday greeting to a little boy, why does Elisabeth have to be so mean spirited, and 6 times to berrate the boy. I hope they ban her, but I'm not about to use the column to argue with someone mindless.
I'm beginning to think Elisabeth is really Silvana. Only she seems to be unable to realize what means "best interest". She has shown she has no real regard for Sean, only a desire to demoralize David.

What did she do this time? I can't follow the description. Thanks.

:: ultranol :::
She is asking why is not David there with his son in his birthday, when the proper question to be asked is: why the hell Sean is not at his home with his dad celebrating his birthday?!


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