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Here is an article from G1 that just came across my Google Alert-,,MUL1027568-5602,00-PAI+AMERICANO+TENTA+REAVER+GUARDA+DE+FILHO+DE+ANOS+QUE+MORA+NO+BRASIL.html
Need help with translation

The article is being posted on possible #1 most visted web site in Brazil right now.,,MUL1027568-5602,00-PAI+AMERICANO+TENTA+REAVER+GUARDA+DE+FILHO+DE+ANOS+QUE+MORA+NO+BRASIL.html
It has been too, too long and the media in brazil have been very slow to address this long-overdue story.

good article, all the LES can site for a defense is that is socio-effective that he should stay there, that is not a defense, this s*** makes me sicker by the day.  He couldn't see his son for 4.5 years,  There is no moral or legal reason for that, all he wants is his son back, it is that simple.

You are absolutely right.

Looks like there PR department cleaned up there defense real quick when they learned the slander wouldn't work.  How the hell is socio-effective parenting a defnese for not letting him see his son for almost five years.  How is that a defense for taking him in the first place.  Retorical questions, it's not, because they don't have a defense that would work.


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