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Paulo Lins e Silva sends letter to the US Ambassador in Brazil

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Someone forwarded a letter to us that Paulo Lins e Silva sent to the US Ambassador to Brazil, Clifford Sobel, asking him to drop his support for David Goldman. Included are the following statements:
* no abduction took place
* David does not really want his son back, he just wants money
* Sean actually lives with his grandparents, not his wonderful "socio-affective father"

Oh boy.....I feel the ground rumbling on THIS one. How is it possible this man can be so "successful" and so ignorant at the same time??

i hope clifford sobel has the guts to give it to this guy-no holds barred...

:: ultranol :::
I see desperation...

I have a instant headache from reading this filth.  PLS must be brought down to reality.  Do we know the Ambassor's response?
I wonder if this was sent before Ambassador Sobel refused to allow PLS and his cronies to attend the dinner honoring Justice Scalia.  If so, that was the slap in the face PLS needed.


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