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Author Topic: Dateline is on!! New stuff...well for Dateline  (Read 4601 times)

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Re: Dateline is on!! New stuff...well for Dateline
« Reply #30 on: June 08, 2009, 01:32:06 PM »
Quote from: FC_Florida;29893
I watched the show last night. Still amazes me David's strength. Regarding his house, he sure has one that looks beautiful and perfect for raising a happy and healthy child. But I have to tell you, it makes me very angry that he has to resort in having his privacy invaded just so people in Brazil don't think he lives in a "shantytown", like it has been said there many times. Whether he lives in a nice house or in a small condo, he has the right to raise his child, period!

No matter what that family in Brazil says, it has always been about money, plain and simple. $$$$.
That's their number one priority. That's their explanation for everything (remember, Bruna was tired of " supporting" the family with her "teacher salary", that JPLES is always gloating about her boutique in Rio, etc.) In their heads, that's all Sean needs. Since there's nothing they can say against David.

Here’s what really boils my blood, besides everything else we learn so far from that family: What kind of morals are they teaching Sean? That money is everything in life? As if living in a gated community, having a beach house, armored car and so forth is a recipe for a better life than living a simple, yet comfortable, healthier life with his Dad in NJ. On a lighter note...I thought it was great when David said during his flight to Rio that he never gets upgraded! Good to see he still has a bit of a sense of humor!

What really hurt was to see David come home to an empty and quiet house. Hopefully his friends and family were there off camera.
How "they" can make a claim that David lives in a poor neighborhood is beyond me. From the very beginning we have all seen the footage from the home videos. There's nothing "shanty" about this house or neighborhood.
If Bruna hated her teaching job so much and was so keen on opening her own business I don't know why she left in the 1st place. Tinton Falls is less than 1 hour away from NYC - a fashion capital!!!! This just shows that it was nothing but a lame excuse.
Furthermore, David has proven to the courts in Brazil (as well as here in the US) that he has sufficient income to support himself and Sean. How else would he have been able to stay living in this home? Oh, yeah. The 150K he got from Bruna's parents. But let's deduct that from the almost 400K he has spent on defending his and SEAN's rights!!!!! I guess math isn't one of "their" strenghts either.

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Re: Dateline is on!! New stuff...well for Dateline
« Reply #31 on: June 08, 2009, 01:54:31 PM »
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