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Author Topic: Wishing for our children freedom  (Read 649 times)

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Wishing for our children freedom
« on: June 07, 2009, 12:59:56 AM »
I have just finished packing my daughter’s documents for her trip to Canada to see her dad. My son is not going because he wants to spend time with his girlfriend. At 17, girlfriend takes priority over father or mother. I feel sorry for their father, but that is life. Then I thought of David and the others LBPs, and I got sad. Time passes so fast and suddenly our children are not children anymore. The years spending fighting over custody or residence takes away precious time that will never come back. The easiness with which my kids go from one country to the other amazes me. Now they do not even care about Brazil or Canada, two years in the US were enough for them to fall in love with this country, even though we have to live in a very tight student budget, quite different from our lives in Brazil. They are both studying hard to get scholarships, knowing that once they go to college they will be on their own, since their father refuses to leave Canada, and I have to go back to my job in Brazil. I wonder if that is because they (healthily) live in the present, and make the most of what life offers at the moment. Past is gone, and future is elusive. I wonder if it is similar to what Sean feels now. He cherishes his present life and is not able to envision his future. I would love to tell Sean he will be happy with his dad, and even if he does not know, he needs him to grow into a healthy adult. I want Sean and all the other kids being prevented to freely choose where to go, whether for vacations or residency, to experiment the freedom my kids have. I do wish for a better planet for all of us, but mostly to our children, who deserve to have both of their parents, families, and nationalities in their lives. They may even choose a third, like mine!;)