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Dear David,

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Bob D'Amico:
Due to the Gag Order in Brazil, David Goldman is not allowed to participate in the independently owned and operated website but he can still READ.

If you would like to post a support message for David please add it on to this thread.


I had not heard of your case until I saw the Dateline NBC special in January 2009.  I was heart-broken.  As a father, I cannot even imagine your grief and frustration.  Like many others that have heard of your story, I felt compelled to help in some way.  Just know you are not alone! Through the bringseanhome website, facebook, and this forum, the word is spreading like wild-fire.  We will not rest until Sean is back home with you!  Hang in there!

God bless you,


Only recently did I find out about your story by chance, and cannot get it out of my mind. As a mother, just the tought of having my children taken from me horrifies me. I cannot even begin to imagine the nightmare it must actually be to go through what you have been going through for the past 4.5 years.

Rest assured, you are not alone. You may not be allowed to talk about the tremendous injustice of which you and Sean have been victims, but we certainly can. I have written about your story on my Portuguese blog and intend to tell all that will listen what is going on in the Brazilian Courts. Money and good connections may buy justice in Brazil, but it does not by the silence of those that believe in freedom of speech, in justice, and in just plain fighting for what is morally correct.
Let them try to gag us all.
Stay strong for Sean. Soon I am sure you will be together.

David i know that Sean will be home soon. We all are making a difference. Stay strong. Help is on the way.

Dear David-
Words cannot even begin to describe how moved I am by your story, your sacrificial, unending love for Sean and the amazing support that your faithful friends and countless, faceless supporters are relentlessly sending your way. Count me among the multitude that is emailing and making calls, praying and believing that the time has come for this horrendous wrong to be righted. God's strength to you! Robin


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