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Author Topic: Coverage of Supreme Court hearing-DON'T POST UNLESS YOU ARE WATCHING THE HEARING  (Read 88064 times)

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Quote from: Grace;32167
Guess what? Others have noticed too. Elizabeth is a lot mellower today, I wonder why...

Elisabeth was spewing her venon yesterday in the comments section in the latest O GLobo newspaper article about the STF hearing...as well as her known (and new) "aliases"...Liesa, Cangaceira 13, Sudoeste, Naira do Carmo, Angel Luna, Paulo Borges, etc...Other people, probably BSH members and I put up a good fight. She's always using the same old speech...she doesn't even bother to alter her comments. She copy & paste from Eduardo's blog to the O Globo and vice-versa. I don't know why I keep wasting my time with them but I can't help it. I enjoy seeing her get choked up in her own venon...
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Quote from: Grace;32088
I think that especially in the beginning, it would be helpful if David could find some Brazilians in his area or go to some Brazilian events for Sean's sake. Also get some Brazilian products like Guarana, pao de queijo e bombom Sonho de Valsa in South American markets. New York City has Little Brazil. That's something Sean would appreciate.
If David ever wants to show Sean the capital of his country for a few days, he's welcome in my home. My daughter is 18 and visits from College some weekends and speaks fluent Portuguese. Kids love her (she has always worked with kids during her summers and she is studying Child Psychology at the Univ. of MD).

Grace, that is a wonderfully gracious offer.  That would be great.

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Hi, I am fairly new here.  I live in NJ, and David can take Sean to the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ which is a big Brazilian community with lots of restaurants & stores.

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Quote from: Ria;32223
Hi, I am fairly new here. I live in NJ, and David can take Sean to the Ironbound section of Newark, NJ which is a big Brazilian community with lots of restaurants & stores.

Hey Ria!!
Welcome!! I LOVE the Ironbound. GREAT Portuguese restaurants in that area. One of the things I miss most about northern NJ!!

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There's a huge Portuguese and Brazilian communities in and around Newark, NJ. It's not that far from David's town.
When I lived In NYC, even though I could get Brazilian food on 46th St (Little Brazil), I would drive with my husband (when we still had a car, we were crazy) to Ferry St. Or shopping in the Seabra Supermarket. I would buy a lot of that stuff that Grace mentioned and some more like Catupiry cheese, requeijão, codfish croquettes (bolinho de bacalhau. Ai!).
South Florida, most precisely Miami Beach where I live, it's like Rio (or Cuba, Venezuela...whole Latin America and the Caribbean are represented here).There are more churrascarias here than in Rio, if you compare per square meters...I even think our beaches here are better than Rio. It might not be the same landscape, but the waters are very clean, a beautiful turquoise...There are Brazilians everywhere....and their culture follows. The music, food, celebrations like Carnaval, Brazilian Independence Day are all celebrated around the country by the communities.
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I am really looking forward to reading Toffoli's, Zamariola's and the Judges comments. I think I'd actually like to listen to the audio at the same time just for effect - I can understand words here and there but not enough to read all of the articles etc. It is great that Sean is bilingual and perhaps he understands/speaks some Italian too though it should never have come about in this way.
I noticed that David said he had to talk to his lawyers after the session to find out what was said because it was in Portuguese. I wonder if an electronic translator would come in useful for him.

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My suggestion is that David learn a little Portuguese (if he doesn't know any yet), so he can charm Sean - talking to him in both languages.
And if David makes mistakes with the language, Sean can be the "teacher".

This transition lark is just that - a lark!
It's a way to prolong the agony of separation - separating father and son.

I am sure that David will allow Sean to talk to the Brazilian abductors on the 'phone anytime - hopefully monitoring the calls/conversations to make sure that nothing detrimental or poisonous is said to Sean.
And as long as Sean has access this way, I am pretty sure he will soon just meld into life here.
Kids are so adaptable - whatever culture they come from or language they speak.
America is an easy country to adapt to - believe me I know.
I have 3 boys who had to adapt to this very different culture, and they all thrived in a matter of a few months, and became "American".
(I can't say the same for this parent - me!)

All David has to do is sign Sean up to a soccer club in the winter, and give him access to all the sports he enjoys right now, and he will soon be in his element.
He will make so many friends this way.

And of course he has Grandma and Grandpa Goldman, his aunt, uncle and cousins who will all fill his life with unconditional love and understanding.

So Brazil - stop with the hold-up.
Stop with all the appeals.
Stop giving these family members more time to play with his mind.
Stop stopping the inevitable, and allow this American born son to come home where he belongs.