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June 12 O Globo-- STF decision back to the Regional Federal Court of Rio

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Sean: STF decision back to the Regional Federal Court of Rio, and now, boy is in Brazil
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RIO - :DBy 10 votes to zero, the ministers of the Supreme Court closed the action that called the boy Sean Goldman's stay in Brazil. Ministers following the vote of the rapporteur, Minister Marco Aurelio, who found that the accusation of breach of fundamental precept (ADPF) - instrument used by the Progressive Party (PP) for injunction - is not the right tool to challenge the implementation of the Convention The Hague, which deals with the kidnapping of children. The decision of the STF, however, is not definitive for the case, because the Federal Regional Court (TRF) of the 2nd Region, based in Rio de Janeiro, granted injunction suspending the way of Sean to the United States. The decision will in the coming days, according to an official of the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region.
The American David Goldman, father of the boy Sean, followed the meeting and said that the STF was satisfied with the decision.
- I am happy with that decision and I hope it leads to the reduction of time away from my son. The meeting was in Portuguese jurídicol, I have to consult my lawyer then. I hope that the decision to take me near my son - said adding that living a "tragedy."
:cloud:The boy, meanwhile, remain in Brazil, thanks to an injunction, granted on June 2, the federal judge Luiz Paulo Araújo Filho, the TRF. Until the merits of the warrant of security brought by the father to be held - on a date yet to be scheduled - Sean is far from the father. The lawyers of the boy's stepfather also came with a measure for the decision of the Federal Court of Rio determining the child's return to the United States is not satisfied until all resources are judged against it.
Last week, the very minister Marco Aurélio, granted temporary injunction that prevented the boy was given to the care of his biological father, in compliance with the ruling of the 16th Section of the Federal Judiciary in Rio de Janeiro.
During the session, the lawyers of both parties showed the expert report done by professionals who, for five months, visited the home and school for Sean and interviewed the boy, the father, stepfather and maternal grandparents. According to Ricardo Zamariola, the report says that Sean suffers from parental alienation syndrome, or he would be constantly exposed to a case of defamation of the father. The lawyer said the child is led to believe that the father left.

Sergio Tostes, lawyer's stepfather, said Sean would have said seven times to professionals who wanted to stay in Brazil:
- We have a total and absolute disregard to the wishes of the child. The judge would have to listen to the child. He is obliged to give everyone the right to express their position.
Sean was born in the United States but came to Brazil with a Brazilian mother to four years, allegedly without the permission of the father to keep the child in Brazil on a permanent basis.
The action has been examined by STF was judged by the Progressive Party (PP), which argued that it can not be disregarded the wishes of the boy to stay in Brazil, with the maternal family. Already Advocacy-General of the Union (AGU), which protocol on Monday a request to intervene as third party, argues that the case could result in the imposition of sanctions to the country, "in addition to compromising obligations to the international community, with anchor the international principle of reciprocity. "
Sean, now with 9 years old, lives with the father and maternal grandmother in Rio he left the U.S. for a vacation with her mother, Bruna Bianchi, and never returned. Bruna married a Brazilian lawyer João Paulo Lins e Silva. It and she got pregnant last year, died in childbirth of the sister of Sean. The temporary custody of the boy was with the stepfather.
During the session, David Goldman had a sheet of paper with the photos in the hands of the eleven ministers of STF printed. Apparently, the lawyer asked the profile of each decision, to study the possibility of victory.

Does anyone know if the transcript of the entire STF session is available anywhere? I tried looking on the STF website but couldn't find anything - although I only speak Spanish and English, not Portuguese, so I may be missing a link somewhere on the website.

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Wow: "... according to Zamariola it says that the child suffers from parental alienation..."; "... allegedly without the permission of the father to keep the child in Brazil..."

O Globo at its best! :mad2:




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