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I found out today that the closing arguments in the appeals court are this Thursday, the 18th.  After that the appeal's court will issue a decision.  Not sure how long they have after the closing arguments to render a verdict.  The family court in the same state had 10 working days though and I think it's the same (...actually turned into like 24 real days last time.. must be nice to have vacation all the time).

At this rate I am hoping to have a verdict from the appeals court in July.  After the way things dragged on for ages in family court with nothing really happening I'm actually pretty shocked that this isn't taking a lot longer... not that it's going fast, but it seems quite quick to me.  Probably a combination of being a lot faster than family court and my having extremely lowered expectations of Mexican courts at this point.  

I hope to be able to make arrangments to visit Sage in July.  My lawyer is concerned about the risks involved in doing so while legal proceedings are still in process.  Flying there and not getting to see him after all and wasting the time and money or being arrested there and accused of crimes I didn't commit and hurting my Hague case in the process...  I understand the risks and will take measures to minimize them.  I'm more concerned with how i'm going to pay for it on top of the legal fees that have already buried me.  The NCMEC supposedly has a fund to help pay travel expenses of LBP's.  I've never seen it or talked to anyone who has.

Thanks for the update, Carlos. I will be keeping you and Sage in my prayers.

Good luck Carlos! I'll be praying for you.

Yes, good luck....we'll all be thinking about you.

Just got off the phone with my lawyer.  The hearing took place successfully today (that is to say nothing stupid happened to cause additional delays or rescheduling).  I haven't gotten copies of documents filed yet and didn't get to talk to my lawyer at great length but the closing arguments turned in by my wife totalled three pages and basically argued that I haven't been paying child support.  I have come to expect such weak arguments from my wife and her attorneys but the amazing thing is that, up until this point, her arguments have worked.  It's one thing when the most powerful family law firm in the country can manipulate the legal system, it's quite another when even incompetent attorneys can do so... and, thankfully, my wife continues to use incompetent attorneys who are friends of hers and friends with the judges and clerks in her local family court which no longer has any say in this decision.


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