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Reactions in Portuguese to articles on David and Sean's plight

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In reading the various articles and blogs that are starting to appear in Portuguese on David and Sean Goldman's story, I noted with interest that the comments in Portuguese show very little support for the Ribeiro Carneiro and Lins e Silva family.  Many actually show disgust at their attitudes and 99% seem unanimous in believing that Sean should be with his father. I won't even get into how some speak about Bruna, since she is no longer amongst us to defend herself. Let's just say that it seems that the Brazilians that are commenting on the blogs and newspaper websites do not appreciate mothers that take children away from loving fathers.

Yay.  So it is spreading over there?  The news?  I hope this is resolved before the Brazilian President comes here.

YES!!! I hope that the more people in Brazil find out about what is going on w/ Sean, that they (the abductors) are ashamed of themselves in public.

There was an article in the Brazilian voice today on François Larivee's story. François is another father who had is son kidnapped by his wife.
The article mentions the problems in enforcing the Hague Convention in Brazil due to all the appeals and bureacracy available to the kidnapping parent.
It also mentions David's story and how the "famous attorney João Paulo Lins e Silva" is trying to get custody of Sean (guess the Brazilian Voice is not scared of the gag order on the press!)

This is great.


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