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I experienced the same situation in Russia, so it seems not all that uncommon!

Welcome to the forum PACKMAN:):):):)

Wow, I read your story.  My daughter is an American citizen in born in Kuwait to myself an american and my wife who is philippino.  Well I found out that my wife was seeking a divorce behind my back and I confronted her about it.  My daughter is 9 months old and I haven't seen her in 4 months.  The U.S. Embassy visited my daughter in Kuwait and said she was in good health.  The thing is my wife is going from house to house in Kuwait leaving my daughter with her friends but I can't see her.  So I decided to come back to the states.  The kuwait lawyers i hired didnt do anything for me and now refuses to answer my calls.  But, my wife can go to work everyday at a U.S. military base.

Here are the before and after picutres of my daughter.

I can only imagine the "brain washing" of my daughter!!!!

Anyone have any contacts with News organizations to get my story on the air?


I am so sorry for what you have been through and the worry you are experiencing over your daughter's welfare and safety.  This forum is the best place you can go for information and  empathy from those who understand completely the pain of your loss.  Also the location of the most accurate information on this issue.

As troubling as the picture of her in her current attire is,  I think you can take some small comfort in the physical surroundings, as they do look neat and affluent.  I may get some criticism for that observation but it seems much better than many of the homes in that area,  which probably means a safer, and healthier environment, which might alleviate some of your fear for her safety.

Of course, bringing her home is the only way you will truly feel she is o.k. and the only thing that will bring you real happiness.   I hope that if we can garner enough support, we can pass legislation effective in obtaining the return of our abducted children.   Be sure to petition your congressman for the passage of HR3201.   Send your story to the Today Show.  (Maybe, at some point their featured story will be more inclusive of all the abducted children.   The state dept, has much to answer for and a shameful record on supporting U.S. parents.  We all need to keep pushing for them to actually help American children to be returned,  (instead of hiding their location, withholding information parents and their legal council need, and really enforcing the Hague tenets, or, in ANY way..   Keep posting here and prayers going out for you and your daughter.  Diane


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