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Author Topic: Sample email asking friends to attend RALLY on March 14  (Read 1312 times)

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Sample email asking friends to attend RALLY on March 14
« on: March 07, 2009, 08:48:18 AM »
Feel free to use this email to send to friends, family, contacts...
SUBJECT: Saturday March 14th Rally in Washington DC to HELP BRING SEAN HOME - can you be there?
Hi all,
I am writing you because I am hoping you may have some free time / interest in supporting a cause I am so passionate about. Helping bring Sean Goldman home from his kidnappers in Brazil has reached an all-time crucial point in the case for a several reasons. Visit www.BringSeanHome.org and the Facebook group HELP US BRING SEAN GOLDMAN HOME for more information.
On the afternoon of March 14th (not the 17th as originally planned), Presidents Lula of Brazil and Obama will be meeting at the White House. The Sean Goldman abduction case will be on the agenda and the supporters of BringSeanHome.org will be there is force. The media will be there in numbers, important speakers will soon be announced, and of course David Goldman will be with us as well.
What we need is a very large turnout to have the greatest impact, and to help finally bring this tragic case to it's much needed happy ending. Even if you cannot attend, please reach out to any friends or family or even old classmates you may know in the DC area and see if they can spare a few hours next Saturday afternoon. We will be in Lafayette Park across from the White House from 2p-5p.
Buses are being provided from the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel NJ, departing at 9:30am and returning sometime between 9p-10p. Look at the website to register or contact me and I can help you.
I hope you can make it!
Thank you,
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