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My lawyer drove to Guanajuato, Mexico again today to check the court docket and determine why, once again, a verdict had not been issued within the legally mandated time period for doing so once the closing arguments were heard.  The answer to why it hadn't been issued was simple, they were busy, but they told him that a decision, had in fact, been made.

Judge Mario Guitiérrez Covarrubias of the Ninth Civil Supreme Court of Guanajuato ordered that the minor, Sage Bermudez, be immediately returned to his place of habitual residence located in North Carolina in the United States of America.  As such they remanded the case to the 4th Civil Court of Salamanca to take all neccessary measures to avoid that the child is the subject of a new abduction or being hidden to avoid the fulfillment of the ordered decision.

Tommorow I will send the full decision to the State Department's Office of Children's Issues so they can remove Sage from their list of "resolved cases."

What? Carlos, am I reading this right? He is going to come back?
OMG! I'm in tears here! I'll be praying for his safe return as soon as possible.

Does this mean that you will actually get Sage back or is Mexico like Brazil in that a return order isn't a guarantee of anything?

This is wonderful news! Congratulations! I will be praying that Mexico will stand by it's word and that Sage will be returning home soon.

WooHoo! What are your next steps? Are you going to Mexico now?


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