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Hague Return Ordered

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Congrats on winning your hague case. Hopefully Mexico will be more compliant with enforcing it than Brazil .... hopefully it will be "wheels up" soon for Sage :-)

Carlos this is wonderful news.  Please let us know ASAP what is going to happen next.

I didn't know you were in Raleigh.  My best friend lives there.


--- Quote from: liesl78;42168 ---What? Carlos, am I reading this right? He is going to come back?
OMG! I'm in tears here! I'll be praying for his safe return as soon as possible.
--- End quote ---

It is a step in the right direction, but he's not coming back yet.  The judge's sentence is pretty long.  As I read the first half of it, I was thinking that I now had my own Judge Pinto's ruling.  The way it described the law and how it should be interpreted was spot on.  Everything including the way he interpreted the Hague Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Mexican law was perfect. As I read the second half of it though I found there were errors in the way they interpreted the facts of the case including the judge acknowledging that I "misrepresented" the date of the abduction but that my doing so did not represent a grave risk of physical or psychological harm to my son and that the "correct" date of the abduction was still within the one year time frame allowed by the Hague Convention.  I should take a moment here to mention that had the Office of Children's Issues not refused to give me copies of my wife and son's entry and exit records to the United States the judge wouldn't have said I "misrepresented" the date of the abduction (thanks OCI..).  

I won't be flying to Mexico anytime soon.  From here my wife will file an "amparo directo" against the decision of the appeals court claiming that the decision violated her constitutional rights and/or those of her son.  Once she does so the sentence of Judge Guitiérrez will be suspended until the amparo is resolved.  

Although Sage is not coming back yet this decision is still a bit of positive news that I badly needed.  It's been over a year now and I was begining to feel very tired and powerless.  I will send this to the OCI so they can stop telling Congressman and Senator's that my case was heard in Mexico and is "closed" and send it to the FBI so that when they see that the return order is not enforced they can stop repeating their ridiculous mantra of "the Hague Convention is the most effective way of returning abducted children from Mexico."


--- Quote from: gail;42214 ---I didn't know you were in Raleigh.  My best friend lives there.
--- End quote ---

Me and Devon are both here.  We drove to the Rally in DC together. :)


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