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Another Case From Australia

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There is another case from Australia, "Kennedy" to Brazil, details to come soon,

Unfortunately my children have just been abducted in Brazil from Brisbane, Australia too. Have just filed HC application.
Does not seem to be a lot of good news in trying to get kids back from Brazil!

I'm so sorry to hear that Justice, but you've come to the right place. I was just reading Carlos' post on where the State Dept failed him in relation to time sensitive instructions. If you've looked around the site, you may not get the most important information early enough.
Click on the profile of those members listed under "other abductions" and you will find a wealth of information.  I'm sure any or all of them would be happy to steer you away from the edge of the cliff and warn you of the pitfalls they fell victim to.  I hope as David is successful in getting Sean home, you child will also be returned.

Thanks Sashia
Appreciate the support and help. Sure a test of strength this!
At the moment am in Brazil visiting the kids though which is great.

Good to hear that you are getting to see your children.


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