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I would like to know what the hell happened to the six week rule for the Hague?  It seems none of the Countries abide by any of it.  I'm sorry Carlos, when will you be answering this new appeal?  And you are right about fighting the nonsense, it's much harder.

Carlos, you expecting this nonsense anyway, weren't you? Get to work and start preparing your response. Good luck. We all know you (and truth) will prevail in the end. At the end of it all, in addition to having your son back, you would have the satisfaction of having thrashed her credibility in two separate jurisdictions.

This waiting and not being able to see your child is torture.  It's all so very simple, send the children home and fight for custody there.  To run away with a child to another country is sheer torture for the LBP.  I can't even imagine the pain.


--- Quote from: carlos;45893 ---We responded to this 6 page appeal with 35 pages on why it was complete crap but earlier this week found out that yet another appeal had been filed. The first appeal I mentioned earlier in this thread was, by and large, an inappropriate one, much like many of the ones that have been filed in Sean's case. The correct type of appeal to file against a final State Supreme Court decision is an Amparo Directo and she filed an Amparo Indirecto. These different types are filed w/ different courts for different types of cases. In general the Indirecto is used for everything except appealing a final ruling against a high court decision. We hoped that it was by mistake and had good reason to think it was. Oftentimes it seems her lawyers have a team of monkeys on typewriters handing in anything that is halfway coherent, but they did file an amparo directo on the last day they were allowed to do so. We haven't seen it but know it's some 50 pages long. Although the arguments of her lawyers are nonsense it is actually oftentimes harder to argue against nonsense than logic. Logical errors are easy to point out but when the whole thing is poorly founded, convoluted nonsense it requires much more effort to untangle it... and so we begin again. For those that are counting that makes four amparos heard for a total of 6 trials so far (counting the family and State Supreme Court)... and the potential for many more.
--- End quote ---
Have you seen the amparo directo yet? Anything new with your case?


--- Quote from: gail;46378 ---Have you seen the amparo directo yet? Anything new with your case?
--- End quote ---

My lawyer is making the five hour drive to be officially notified of it now so I should hear what their arguments are later on tonight.  We were not in a hurry to get officially served notice of the amparo directo because we were waiting for the decision of another father's Hague case that my lawyer currently has before the Supreme Court of Mexico to be published so that we could cite that (favorable) decision in our response.  Once we are legally notified of the amparo we only have 5 working days to respond to it.


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