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Hague Convention + Mexico + US State Dept = FAIL

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Bob D'Amico:

--- Quote from: tweinstein;45699 ---It would make no sense to fight in the local or state courts as the Hague Convention is a federal treaty. It would be interesting to know why David spent 4 years fighting before filing at the federal level.
--- End quote ---

That statement is totally wrong.


--- Quote from: Bob D'Amico;45880 ---That statement is totally wrong.
--- End quote ---
Now that I know I'm wrong, please clarify the facts. Why wasn't David in front of a federal judge from the beginning? If he was, what happened? As far as I know, all of the rulings before Judge Pinto were from state/local level judges.


My lawyer knows most of the Mexican Central Authority personally and his heard me rant on end about the ineptitude of the OCI.  I just got the following email from the primary contact at the Mexican Central Authority:

Mr. Bermudez,


Today I received a visit from your lawyer, Mr. XXXXX, in order to talk about the developments of your case and request some information about the amparo trials.

Mr. XXXX mentioned you are disappointed with support provided for the Office of Children’s Issues/Department of State, because they did not provide you enough information about your case in Mexico and/or information was provided late.

Since other parents have had similar complaints, our office wants to pose this problem to the aforementioned authority.

Could you provide me more information about delays or lack or information that affected your case?


Thank you very much.


They certainly picked the right person to ask if they are looking for criticisms of the OCI...  I'm about to start working on a short novel of the criticisms I and others have had for the OCI to provide to the Mexican Central Authority.  If there's anything anyone would like me to add that you think I might not already include shoot me a PM and I'll get it in there.  Perhaps the OCI will take these criticisms more seriously when they are coming from another countries office of foreign affairs.  The Central Authority of Mexico actually works very hard w/ limited resources to assist parents in these cases.  A very huge part of the problem in Mexico has nothing to do with Mexico and everything to do with the piss poor support of the OCI and I'm going to make sure the MCA knows it :)

Oh boy!  I can't wait to read the response!

Make sure that they understand that the problem is not exclusive to Mexico. I'm just about flying blind with my case in Brazil.


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