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Italian Man arrested after Kissing Daughter

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Man held after kissing daughter
By Gary Duffy
BBC News, Sao Paulo
There is growing controversy in Brazil over the arrest of an Italian tourist held after kissing his eight-year-old daughter in public.
Witnesses told police the man allegedly touched the girl in an intimate way.
Under a strict new law partly designed to combat child sex abuse in South America's largest country, he faces eight to 15 years in jail if convicted.
The unnamed man has been in custody for almost a week. A new attempt to secure his release this weekend failed.
His Brazilian wife says the case is all a misunderstanding, while staff at the resort where the incident took place have been reported as saying they saw nothing unusual.
The Italian tourist, a 48-year-old businessman, was arrested on 2 September in the coastal city of Fortaleza, in the north-east of Brazil, where he was on holiday with his wife and daughter.
He was reported to the police by a Brazilian couple who claimed he had been touching a young girl inappropriately and had kissed her on the mouth while they were both at a swimming pool close to the beach in full view of other tourists.
It appears the couple who made the allegations did not know that the man was with his daughter.
The north-east of Brazil has for some years had a problem of paedophiles travelling to the area, often from overseas, and strongly-worded warnings about the penalties for exploiting children are posted in most hotels.
However the wife of the arrested tourist says it was all a misunderstanding by witnesses who had misinterpreted seeing a foreign white man with a young darker-skinned girl.
She told the Brazilian state news agency if there was any suggestion the claim was true she would not hesitate to take her daughter's side, and recalled that she had been present the whole time.
The woman said the allegations had the potential to destroy her family.
Under strict new legislation passed only last month the offence of molesting a child under the age of 14 can carry a penalty of between eight and 15 years in jail.
The arrested businessman - who had been due to return to Italy with his family last week - remains in custody, and it is thought another attempt to secure his release will be made on Tuesday.

He was released by a judge today with some conditions:
1. He can't change where he is staying without informing the justices.
2. He can't live the justice district for more than 8 days, without advising the justices.
3. He has to be present at all judicial hearings until the end of the process.
4. He cannot commit the crime again.
For crying out loud! They've already found him guilty of something that WAS NOT a crime, according to his wife who was there the entire time.
Brazil likes to play hard ball with foreigners, but when it comes to its own citizens committing crimes, it protects them. This is a sign of a biased and backwards judicial system and government! One, by the way, which is easily manipulated by the rich for their own purposes, as has been well documented in the case of the less-than-moral grandmother and her family, as well as JPLS and his family.

Is the child and mother also under some kind of "house arrest" or are they free to escape from the clutches of the insane criminal justice system?
If I were the mother, I'd carefully ensconce my daughter at home in Italy, then go back and fight.

Does not surprise me. I have lived here since 92, I must if i want to be a father to my two children. I do not reccomend anyone visiting this country and if you do use the same precautions you would in Nigeria.

This is ridiculous! Now we have to be careful not to kiss our children in public? What if you are a huggie-kissie type of family? I'm flabbergasted!


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