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My case turned out to be like David's

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Backscratching!!! About a month and a half ago the judge ruled the order of return. As expected my ex took the kids and hide for all this time waiting the results of his appeals. The first one was denied right away and then appealed one second time and all of a sudden this time it came out favourable to him. The case was seen by 7 high court judges and ALL of them agreeded that the final decision(the return) had to be suspended! I was born in Brazil and I'm very upset with the outcome of my case as I was when David was so close of getting his son Sean back and it didn't happen because of Backscratching. Now I will have to appeal his appealing and God knows how long that would take. I'm so disappointed. I'm willing to tell my story to the midia here as I am doing it now in Brazil.


--- Quote from: Alezio;46854 ---I'm so disappointed. I'm willing to tell my story to the midia here as I am doing it now in Brazil.
--- End quote ---
Sorry to hear that the drama drags on. Please be aware that trying to attract media's attention to your situation can be very frustrating. Most of them will simply ignore your emails. It happened to me. After sending emails for more than 10 months and not getting any response from major Seattle area media outlets, I received an email from a kind hearted editor at a small local newspaper that exclusively serves one of the small suburbs of Seattle. Within 3 days, she had set up a meeting for me with one of her reporters and within a week, they published my story. Just stay patient and keep sending emails.

Thank you so much for the information on the media. I've already sent them e-mails and hopefully they will get interested on the story. Good luck on your case too!

Getting media attention is very difficult.
There is simply too much "other useless fluff" the media wants to show.
The local dog show got more media coverage in Los angeles than my daughters case.
Best way is to find a friend who knows someone within the local news media or TV station.

Was your case heard in Federal Court?


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