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Letters of Thanks from the Goldman Family

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We did it!!! Each one of us in different ways more or less, contributed to this happy ending!!!!!!!!!!

We did it! I'm ecstatic!  :cheer:

Sean and David - be happy for years and years to come!!!!!!!!!!

Abby Normal:
I'm elated!  Very, very tired however, as I was up till almost 5:00 a.m. Pacific time obsessing over every little detail.  I have so much to do today - with today being Xmas Eve!  But the tired feeling is nothing - it's great.  This really was a "Christmas miracle" and while I don't know any of the Goldman's, my Christmas has actually been MADE by this great news.  I am not one to love Christmas because of all the sadness and hypocrisy I usually witness but this year it feels different.  I am so, so happy for the Goldman's and especially for that dear, adorable boy who has so much healing to do.  Thank you David and everyone for giving us strangers who have been following this, such a happy holiday, vicariously! :)

Merry Christmas to the Goldmans. What a remarkable and beautiful family!

Dear Goldman Family:  
What a wonderful Christmas this is!  There is no greater gift than this joyous and beautiful and too-long-in-coming reunion!  What fortitude and dignity you all have shown!  And how kind of you to acknowledge not only the help of all those who supported your family but the other mothers and fathers whose children have been stripped from them and who are still waiting for their glorious reunion.  
Let us pray this Christmas that all parents everywhere will love their children the way you have.  Let us pray that those wayward and unfeeling mothers and fathers who have intentionally separated children from their parents will awaken to the pain and hurt they have caused. Let them put aside the ill feelings they may have for their spouse or ex-spouse and allow the left-behind parents access to the hearts of their children.  Let them come to understand that children are not pawns or bargaining chips but humans who deserve the love of both parents.  As I prepare for Christmas Eve mass, the eve of the day of the birth of a child, I will remember in thanks the Goldman family and remember in hope all the other left-behind parents.   The joy in my heart is boundless, my gratitude limitless -- and I have never met David or Sean.  
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the Goldmans and to all here.  Wheels up and let the healing begin!  
David Briggs

Dear Goldman family,

    We on the "outside" are so blessed by your strength, hope and courage.  I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been and be to have to share your highs and lows in public with strangers, but by doing this, you have changed me for the better.

Thank you so very, very much for the beautiful letters that were posted in this thread.  You certainly didn't have to do that, especially at a time when your hearts and minds must be racing with excitement.  It is yet another quality to admire.  

Lately, there is one thought that keeps crossing my mind, "We're not here just to love the people we know.  That's the easy part.  It's about loving and believing in people you've never met personally or will ever meet.  It's about loving and doing backflips when miracles happen to complete strangers."  I'd like to think that I was this kind of person before I heard about Mr. Goldman, his son Sean and your families, but I realise now I didn't have a clue about true love and heart.

Thank you so very, very much.  

Kind regards,



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