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Letters of Thanks from the Goldman Family

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God bless you and your family and my prayers are with you all. Enjoy your precious child. He is beautiful!! I always thought he favored Grandma!!
Can't wait to get started working to get the rest of our children home!
Merry Christmas

A remarkable family.

We are celebrating this remarkable day with all of you. Blessings for a Merry Christmas!! Drink it all in. It doesn't get any better than this!


--- Quote from: abbysomething;59622 ---wow, yeah, I was a gonner even before "hi pop-pop". What a wonderful day.Somebody pinch me.
Who could ask for a better Christmas. Congratulations Goldman family!!!:cheer:
and yes, I know we will all continue to fight for the parents who still suffer in this unimaginable way.
--- End quote ---

That's what I called my grandfather, so you can imagine it hit home for me.
It's very important that they mentioned the other LBP's in both letters. It can't end with just David and Sean..

Great - I am crying all over again!! Beautiful sentiments from a wonderful family - which is now complete with Sean!

I am so happy for you, but I will not stop with Sean.  There are too many not able to celebrate with their children.  David has been an inspiration, and his support system is to be commended for the level of awareness this has brought to the plight of abducted children everywhere.

Lordy - there were times I thought this would never happen. To have it happen on this day is just beyond words.

Amazing!!!!!! It sounds like Sean is a really great and strong person


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