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CNN goes brain dead over Sean Goldman's return

Little things mean a lot and CNN recently did a piece on the return of Sean Goldman to his father and their return to the United States. The Goldman's first stop is going to be Orlando where David Goldman is going to take his son to Disney World.
Frederica Whitfield reporting on the return of Sean Goldman questioned Ines Ferre, the correspondent covering the return and  Whitfield  opened the interview wanting to know the answer to what she seemed to think was a very perplexing question that she wanted the correspondent to answer.
Given all that's happened in the Goldman case, the angst, the five years of legal wrangling,  the fact that a trade agreement between the U.S. and Brazil and been held up in the senate because of it,  and after reporting that David and Sean Goldman upon reaching the US were going to make their first  at Disney World, the question the CNN anchor felt she needed an answer to was, "Why Disney"?
Let's see. Nine year old boy, separated from his father for 5 years in a foreign country,  after years of legal delays is  finally reunited with his father, father picks him up in Brazil, returns to the U.S. and the first thing he does is take son to Disney World. Strange isnt it? We're lucky to have such incisive journalists at CNN who know how to get right to the heart of a news story.
Great question Federica ( guests on news shows always say "great question" even when the question is the dumbest, stupidest most inane question anyone could ask. Think they figure flattery will get them everywhere?)
Its always important to point out the degree of stupidity that seems to drive the mainstream media and how far beneath the intelligence of the people they are reporting to they really are. Its important because its really impossible to trust them to get things right or to rely on them on more important matters like health care reform, the economy and war.
It was this kind of gross negligence that has shaped the country because it was this kind of negligence that was so apparent during the Democratic primaries and presidential campaign when it was clear the media was in Obama's pocket.
The fact that Whitfield felt that David Goldman taking his son to Disney World needed clarifying, needed an explanation, and it was the first question she asked, ought to be what CNN looks at when they see their sagging ratings ( which they are).
 And though Im not in the habit of giving free advice to giant companies like CNN,( I much prefer they pay for it),  the next time they try and figure out what to do in order to boost their ratings, I suggest they try something other than changing the set.

My comment: I heartily agree - but then I am not very partial to CNN's coverage on most things.
And I am most disturbed that so many "reporters" don't do their homework.

My comment: I heartily agree - but then I am not very partial to CNN's coverage on most things.
And I am most disturbed that so many "reporters" don't do their homework.

I couldn't agree more. Even after Sean arrived in FL some stations still reported that Sean does not speak English and that he had not seen David in over 5 years! Can't they at least get the basics correct?

I would ask them, why not Disney?
Where else can they go and just disappear for a few days?
Where else can they go and Sean can truly be a kid, and enjoy the time getting reacquainted with his paternal family? Get to know his cousins, who are about the same age. Enjoy being a boy, with his family out on a family vacation.
Where else were they to go? NYC? Tinton Falls, NJ? For the waiting horde of media?
No, David was smart, he had everyone come after he landed. He protected his son, and is enjoying some away time with him.

He knows the media that will be waiting for them at home.
At least at Disney, he is fairly protected from it all.

I think starting off their reunion with Disney was a great idea.  Besides the fact the hordes of media waiting in NJ for them.  After all, Disney was the last father and son thing they did before the abduction.  So, why not start it off there?  What a wonderful place to go, its all decked out for Christmas and Sean hasn't been since he was taken what a great way to say WELCOME HOME!!

To me Disney is everything that is good about America.  Does that make sense?

Priss, makes perfect sense!


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