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Author Topic: More media coverage...  (Read 74452 times)

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Re: More media coverage...
« Reply #510 on: April 27, 2010, 07:33:00 AM »
From the Asbury Park Press Opinions section -- April 26

Boy's human rights denied for years

Regarding the April 6 article "New dispute over boy brought to NJ from Brazil" on the Sean Goldman case, I can't believe the gall of the Brazilian relatives citing human rights violations.

It seems to me that Sean's human rights had been violated for the past five years by that family keeping him away from his father, refusing to let David Goldman visit or be in touch with his son.

Only after the news media picked up this story and Rep. Chris Smith championed his cause was Goldman finally allowed to see his son, under tight security. These people are all heart.

After worldwide outrage, some prodding from our president, our state department and Congress, the Brazilian high court returned Sean to his father and allowed them to come home.

But right to the very end, the family showed its true colors in the debacle of the stepfather leading a frightened boy into the American Embassy through a mob of reporters with microphones and cameras, yelling questions. He had been offered another way in to avoid the commotion.

If you care for someone, how do you allow this? Shame on them.

Dorothy Stern