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Suggestions for the Dateline Special

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Below is the advertisement for the Dateline special on David & Sean scheduled for Friday January 8th, 2010.
I am hoping in this 2 hour special they can fit in a few minutes about the numerous other LBF out there.  The 20/20 episode about Mike & Liam McCarty had a 10 second blip for David & Sean, but no other LBF information.
I want something about:
1.  HR 3240 & 2702
2.  Shake-up of the US policy on assistance for LBFs and the Federal department that is suppose to handle it.  We spent all this time blasting Brazil because the original cases were handled by the state courts and not the federal, yet the US system allows for the same thing to happen here.
3.  LBFs, LBFs, LBFs.  In the last special Dateline did on David, there were no links to any of the other LBF sites.  Couldn't they spend at least part of the time listing other LBF stories.
4.  Airplane policy on overseas trips with children.
5.  The costs the LBF need (tweinstien's article) - see the media page with all of Timothy Weinstein's articles.
Flesh these suggestion out and add any you can think of.  Maybe Dateline will read them.  E-mail Dateline (need link someone).  BHSF is bigger than just David & Sean and we need the media to realize this.
From Shar on "more media coverage thread

--- Quote ---Hold the dates!!!
Vieira sits down with David Goldman Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2009 2:16 PM by Ian Sager

In an exclusive interview, NBC News’ Meredith Vieira will sit down with David Goldman in his first interview since regaining custody of his son, Sean. The interview will air on TODAY, Monday, December 28, and in a special two-hour Dateline, Friday, January 8 at 8 p.m. ET.
The Dateline special will include exclusive footage of the reunion of Goldman and his son as well as their trip back together from Brazil and their first days in the United States. The special will also feature Vieira’s previous interviews with Goldman and NBC News’ extensive coverage of this story.
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--- End quote ---

I am sure the producers of the special will include the elephant in the room. They might as well show footage of David and Mr. Aronson at the hearing in Congress. Maybe snippet interviews with other LBPs, towards the end of the show.

Or maybe they will offer to do a second special, focused on the LBPs...

I'd like to see them highlight the very active support BSH has had from a bunch of LBPs in the hopes that David's case might bring awareness to their plight and ultimately help resolve their cases.  I'm willing to bet that David makes sure that this is a part of it; his note after regaining Sean testified to the fact that he knows that his case is far from the only one out there.

Frankly, I can't imaging Dateline doing a whole special on this case without making the greater issue a huge part of it.




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