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Author Topic: Liam McCarty Case - Update 2/16/2010  (Read 6401 times)

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Liam McCarty Case - Update 2/16/2010
« on: February 16, 2010, 04:36:51 PM »
This is a message directly from the “Save Liam” organization.  It appears that they are getting closer to getting Liam home from Italy, however there is still a lot of work to be done. Team BSH has always helped all LBP tremendously and Michel McCarty should be counted as one of them. Any assistance that you can offer him, would be greatly appreciated.  

On January 28, 2010, the Juvenile Court of Rome issued a decree regarding the case of Liam McCarty.

The Court confirmed its prior findings that Manuela Antonelli’s behavior is highly detrimental to Liam. It recognized that she further jeopardized Liam’s welfare by criminally kidnapping him from the Rome Juvenile Court last fall. The Court flatly denied Antonelli and her parent’s request for custody and specifically precluded Antonelli and her parents from any unsupervised contact with Liam. Manuela Antonelli and her parents currently face a criminal trial in Italy for their actions in re-abducting Liam last fall.

Now that Liam has, yet again, been legally and physically separated from Antonelli and his maternal grandparents, all of whom the Court found to be severely destabilizing and harmful influences on Liam, we are hopeful that father and son will finally have the opportunity to rebuild their relationship. The initial signs are very positive.

The Court has temporarily placed Liam in the care of his maternal uncle after also recognizing the psychological damage caused to Liam by residing at the orphanage. The Court has ordered Italian Social Services to design a therapeutic program for Liam specifically geared toward restoring the damaged relationship between Liam and his father. This therapy will be the final obstacle to Michael McCarty’s ability to seek the return of Liam to the U.S. and into his custody.

As soon as it can be demonstrated that the relationship between Michael and Liam has returned to a basic level of comfort, Michael will renew his plea to the Italian Courts to regain custody of Liam. It is important to note that the U.S. Courts already granted Michael sole legal and physical custody of Liam over two years ago.

We now desperately need your help to facilitate the travel required to participate in restoring the relationship between Liam and his loving father. Michael McCarty has spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars fighting the injustice brought against his son, Liam. Now, Michael must travel to Italy to visit Liam and participate in the court-ordered therapy, at least once per month for the next several months, as well as to continue to pay attorneys, experts, etc.

Please consider making a donation to the Save Liam Fund today so that we may finally save Liam from the nightmare in which he has been living. Please also spread the word to anyone you know that may be able to contribute.

In addition to financial support, we are seeking accommodation donations. If anyone has access to a free place for Michael to stay during these trips to Rome, please contact me at saveliam.org@gmail.com

Thank you for your continued support.
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Re: Liam McCarty Case - Update 2/16/2010
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2010, 06:16:51 PM »
sounds like some good news.
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Re: Liam McCarty Case - Update 2/16/2010
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2010, 10:37:06 PM »
Fox News had an update on the McCarty case this morning -- link below.


I thought it was by far the best interview I've seen Michael do and I was glad to see him mention the broader issue. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael and his attorney in New York City last week and promised BSHF would help in any way we could. Let's hope Liam comes home soon.

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Re: Liam McCarty Case - Update 2/16/2010
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