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Former player of Brazilian team, Hilma is charged with international kidnapping

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Former player of the Brazilian team, Hilma is charged with international kidnapping
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Ex-husband is there three years in the U.S. courts to recover the child

Former player of the Brazilian volleyball, Hilma Caldeira, 38, is accused of kidnapping international by her ex-husband, American Kelvin Birotte. Three years ago, he entered the justice of the United States to recover the child of four years, brought to Brazil by his mother when he was a baby.

Hilma met Kelvin in Las Vegas, where he worked as a chef in a hotel. There he married and had one son. According to information posted on the Internet by the father, the boy was less than eight months when Hilma returned to Brazil and never returned again to the American city.

Kelvin argues that Hilma, bronze medalists at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996, violated the Hague Convention. Under the statute, if the child is claimed within one year of transfer of the country of origin, it must return immediately. The Brazilian, who now lives in the mining town of Gutierrez, was not found to fight the charges. One of his lawyers, however, said the version of the player.

According to Gilberto Antonio Guimaraes, Hilma four years ago was not having a good relationship with Kelvin, who was unemployed and took her to live in his mother's house in the United States. When the boy was eight months, she decided to travel to Brazil for a while, and signed with the express permission of the parent. However, fell out with her husband and decided not to return to the United States.

According to Guimaraes, the couple's union was also endorsed in the civil registry office in Brazil. Thus, Hilma asked the separation, which was granted by the Brazilian justice system, as well as permanent custody of the boy. Since then, Kelvin only came to Brazil twice, and in only one of them approached the child.

But less than a year after the return of her and the boy in Brazil, the former husband appealed to American justice, asking the custody of his son, given the Hilma by Brazilian law, is defined by the laws of the United States.

Author: TV GLOBO MINAS Belo Horizonte

Pretty clear where Globo's sympathies lie.  Would take so long to point out all the various points of spin in favor of the Brazilian abduction that I won't even start..


--- Quote from: M.Capestro on April 22, 2010, 08:52:02 AM ---... decided not to return to the United States.

--- End quote ---

AKA, decided to ABDUCT her child [as the permissible period of the child's visit expired]. Funny thing how what they said sounds so flowery to the unknowing person it appears palatable.

When are people going to realize that the hague convention is not about CUSTODY but about bringing an illegally abuducted child home to his/her habitual resident, so those courts can determine custody... I cant fathom how anyone can justify the illegal kidnapping of a child.



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