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2003 Effort to Sell/Adopt Emily in Wisconsin

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Emily was removed from the UK in February 2003 - I'll post the circumstances of how that was effectuated separately.

I tracked Emily and her mom across the US and with the help of former family members, I found them in Wisconsin in March 2003.

I received a call from Sheila telling me Emily was being given to someone to protect her - no details were provided and I could get no information out of Sheila or her family. I was also told by Sheila that I could get Emily back if I was prepared to pay her money - my initial reaction is unprintable.

I found where Emily was at after I was given some information on extended family members.  This led me to this man:

Leslie Merriam - a convicted pedophile - WI Sex Offender Extract

Merriam confirmed that he and his wife had been looking after Emily who was being adopted by his son and his wife, Dale and Shannon Merriam.  Shannon Merriam nee Bodin, is a member of Sheila's extended family.

I contacted the local police who did nothing - the mother advised them the US Embassy in London had helped her to get Emily out of the UK because I was an abuser and that I was not to know where in the US Emily was.  Sheila gave the contact information for a Patricia Mentzer at the US Embassy London to corroborate this.

I had the pedophile interviewed by a PI - he reported back that Merriam claimed no money was involved in the adoption which was being done with no paperwork - my PI noted that Merriam was not asked about money changing hands (the copy is poor - a link to a larger copy is here -

The deposition of Leslie Merriam is found at this link here -

The relevant testimony is here (page 12 of the deposition but there are other confirming statements elsewhere in the deposition too):

"3 Q. So Shannon and Dale, it's your
4 understanding, were anticipating or trying to
5 adopt Emily; is that correct?
6 A. Correct.
7 Q. And do you know whose idea this was?
8 A. I thought Sheila's.
9 Q. Do you have any idea why Sheila would
10 want Dale and Shannon to adopt Emily?
11 A. Mainly because she couldn't take care of
12 her.
13 Q. Who couldn't? Sheila?
14 A. Sheila couldn't."

Sheila simply denied any of this happened and Judge Doyle in Florida never looked at any of the evidence including the depositions.

So if I understand this correctly - the US Embassy in London took Sheila's word for it without any investigation into the allegations, allowed her to leave the UK without the consent of both parents AND promised not to divulge any information to you?


As much as I believe people who are victims of abuse should be protected and excessive safeguards against preventing false accusations can prevent some people from getting needed help, it is preposterous to not have any safeguards and simply accept someone at their word without any corroborating evidence. The UK is far from a third world country that refuses to protect women, and I see no reason why if the alleged abuse had occurred that Emily's abductor could not have received assistance from the legal system in the UK. To me the obvious answer is that no abuse occurred especially since someone trying to protect their child would not arrange an illegal adoption of said child. In a perfect world everyone could be accepted at their word, but sadly this world is far from perfect.

This is absurd.  How was she able to do all of this?  Do they regularly help hide or take a child out of a country without checking the facts?  Are they liable for any of this?


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