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Based on what Hilma's lawyer says in the below, It Seems That Hilma has no intention of returning Kelvin today. Loosely, it Seems To Say That If They search the house and can not find Them, Will the police go back to the judge and issue a new deadline. If in fact-this is how it Plays out, Hilma Will Be displaying the total and complete disregard for the Brazilian judiciary system and the country's Laws - after Demonstrating the Same disregard for America's four years in August

Has Until today Hilma to Deliver the Child, 0.php
Eduardo Faleiro Kattah and Jozani, SPECIAL TO THE STATE, BELO HORIZONTE - O Estado de S. Paul
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Lawyer of former volleyball player, Accused by American ex-husband of kidnapping the child, says she does not know WHERE she is

Today, at midnight, is the deadline for the former volleyball player Ali mining Hilma Caldeira, the bronze medalist with the Brazilian team in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, Delivering the child to the father, the American Kelvin Birotte. He Accused his ex-wife to kidnap Their son, K., age 4, born in the United States. Mother and son are missing. The American consulate In Rio with the case.

Hilma Was not seen at his home in recent days and not answering the phone. Her lawyer, Gilberto Antonio Guimaraes, claims not to know WHERE is the former player and sees no problem in The Possibility of the officers of Justice not find the child to Deliver to her father. "If the child is not found, They only look back to the judge. Then another warrant and Will Be Given a new deadline for Hilma," he said. Previously, the Same defend HAD Said it would offer the Obstacles to delivery.

The process is done based on the Hague Convention abduction of children, runs from 2006 to secrecy laws. On day 14, the substitute judge from 19. Nd Federal District Court in Belo Horizonte, Joao Cesar Otoni de Matos, determined Has That Was the boy returned to her father.

Resources. Hilma lawyers filed two appeals - in the Federal Court (TRF) and the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) - Brasilia, seeking habeas corpus for him to stay in Brazil Until That debate be closed and is discontinuing search and seizure. "Hilma is very upset at the idea of HAVING to Deliver the child," Said Guimaraes, Who Defends the former player for four years.

Hilma Decided to travel to Brazil with the son of eight months with his father's permission. Less than a year later the couple separated and the Brazilian courts to custody Awarded Hilma. The father appealed to the courts in the United States.

Staying with friends in Rio, the American, Who is the chef in a hotel network in Las Vegas, says he does not want to Separate the son of Hilma, just want the right to live again with the boy. "I miss the jokes and loving it," Said Birotte. Since the child is in Brazil, They have seen only twice, According to American Lawyer. Already the Guimaraes, the former player and Hilma not lived with her husband in the United States.

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 6  Juli xxxxx
April 29, 2010 | 11h 19Report this comment

... She was the only important ....

 5  Juli xxxxx
April 29, 2010 | 11h 17Report this comment

She is not the victim of sexism from the judiciary. She must comply with the law and court order returning the child to solve everything from custody in the U.S., where the child was born she married. The father was not her victim, who has cheated and removed the child from him?! If she wanted a divorce and custody in the U.S. did. What she did was wrong and it has nothing to do with machismo require that the law is enforced, since she wanted to come to Brazil, was riding roughshod over the laws of the country where she married and get everything leaving the father outside the child's life, like she was important! Father is so important in the life of a child as the mother. Mother can not find it the father figure of a child! Parent only has one, whether good or bad!

 4  Tynors Ribeiro
April 29, 2010 | 10h 44Report this comment


Only the Hlma escapes know why this relationship.

But the media and public know about the habits of American men in extortion famous women. And extort anyone who gives them the chance.

The case of Hilma, one of the greatest athletes in the history of women's volleyball, as should long ago have turned into a diplomatic event.

Besides being the victim of sexism in American skin, Hilma is also a victim of sexism Brazilian legal.

 3  Tynors Ribeiro
April 29, 2010 | 10h 32Report this comment


 2  ultranol aaa
April 29, 2010 | 44 9amReport this comment

Lucius, if a mother had no reason to come with divorce and child custody in the U.S., such as she and her son were risking their lives, their father abused, threatened, etc., I understand the attitude to flee to Brazil. As this case is the apparent lack of facts that discredit the father - equal to the Sean Goldman case - it is clear error and lack of consideration of the mother. A person who does so with an emotional father does not have enough structure to raise a child. Still, after the return of the child (if that will happen), the mother will be able to compete in the American justice custody.

Just do not come with the excuse of "oh, but go to court American living in Brazil is very expensive." The father had to do the reverse for years and apparently she did not have much pity for him, right?

 1 Lucio de Souza Lourenco Almeida
April 29, 2010 | 10 6hReport this comment

Do not think it is fair or that the father nor the mother to stay away from the boy. Has the former couple to enter into an agreement not to deprive the child of living with the parents. The justice In These cold cases is in order That the Child Be removed from the mother and Simply Surrendered to the father. Where is the deal. I know what's not These Women Have in mind to conceive children in another country and Simply flee to Brazil. If you wanted the separation, the process takes place in the U.S. and cam here after completion.

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I continue to be completely flabbergasted by the complicity and impotence of the Brazilian judicial system. They know she's not at home, hasn't been for days. In these instances, why aren't the abducting parents arrested and held until the child is found and delivered to parent who has legitimate custody?  We need to get HR3240, and any other legislation we can, passed to change the ways in which we deal with countries like Brazil and Mexico that are complicit in kidnappings and just brazenly disregard our laws and their own.

Updated original post to include new comments posted to the site.

Worse than the disregard she has for the judiciary of both countries is the disregard she has for her son's best interests and well-being.

Absolutely. That kind of selfishness I'll just never understand.


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