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Justice Nancy Andrighi suspended return order

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This is so wrong! Is there anybody we can write to an put some pressure on this judge? we need to do something!

"According to Guimaraes, the U.S. has no standing to request custody of the child, it does not have the official backing of one of his country."

Doesn't Kelvin have the official support of his country? And the convention? Doesn't it mean anything? I would like to know where this lawyer read that? :madgo

--- Quote from: phillyone on April 30, 2010, 07:38:49 AM ---This is so wrong! Is there anybody we can write to an put some pressure on this judge? we need to do something!

--- End quote ---

This just makes me sick. When is Brazil going to get it? I don't know it will help but I'm faxing the AP article and others to every Rep and Senator in TX today, as well as the Houston Papers.

These court rulings are a slap in the face. If Brazil signed the Hague, they should abide by it and not make
up their own rules as they go alone.


--- Quote from: M.Capestro on April 30, 2010, 07:29:29 AM ---- Article 12 says that if the child is adapted in the country, she can not return. Article 13 says she can not go back because if it is adapted in the country, the transfer will bring psychological harm. The Convention itself states that the child can not go - said the lawyer.

--- End quote ---

Nice try pal, but that's not what Articles 12 and 13 say. This lawyer sounds a lot like Tostes. It's a shame that this same judge who screwed up the Goldman case years ago was allowed to screw up another Hague case and tarnish Brazil's reputation further.

I feel so bad for this father.  Brazil hasn't learned a thing since David's case.  Where on earth do they get the notion that it's OK to kidnap a child and then say they have acclimated to their kidnappers enviornment and they should stay there?  These judges are a bunch of clowns and could care less for the welfare of the children!!  This really infuriates me!  A child's well being is being compromised because of the stupidity of these idiots.  My prayers are with you.


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