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Author Topic: Latest On Nicole  (Read 3650 times)

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Latest On Nicole
« on: May 05, 2010, 11:02:10 PM »
Hi everybody. I am sorry I have not been on to much lately. I have been trying to get Nicole's mother to the bargaining table to negotiate a visitation schedule for Nicole to be able to come here to the US for annual visits. Boy was I wrong thinking that she would entertain it. Not even close.

First I want to say that Congressman Ted Poe is scheduled to speak about my case again on the House floor tomorrow morning at or around 10:00 am. Not sure which time zone that means or hat he will say. It should be aired on C-Span live. We'll be back in the media here before to long as well. Fox is gearing everything up for an all out blitz especially sinced they aired a story about Kelvin and his plight to get his son back recently. They included my story with his saying another Houston dad knows all to well about this and he still hasn't gotten his daughter back.

Latest demands from Nicole's mother:

She wants all the criminal charges dropped before we even start negotiating a deal. That's totally the opposite of what my FBI contacts have advised me on. We make a deal first then we discuss dropping all the charges.

She wants me to pay child support for Nicole until she is 18 years old even though she is a wanted fugitive in this country for kidnapping a child.

Nicole can only come visit in December and January school break every other year not every year. So this means that Nicole would only be able to see her American family for 10 days every other year whe she is out for her mid-year school break.

She wants to have Brazil be Nicole's habitual residence until she turns 18.

I swear I'm not going to get angry. I just laughed at all of it. I know it's not much consolation but the BCA is now working on my behalf just for a visitation. I guess now we're going to find out how long it will take for the AGU's office to handle this idiot in a court room. I'm taking all wagers right now that it will take just as long as it would if this was a return request. I might as well ask for a full return.  

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Re: Latest On Nicole
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2010, 03:46:04 AM »
Sorry to hear this. I wish I could say that her response was a surprise, but as you remember from our discussions, I commented that this would likely be how she responded. The good thing is that you have a solid relationship with Nicole and that she is old enough that it would be more difficult for her mother to cut her off again from contact with you.

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Re: Latest On Nicole
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2010, 09:25:05 AM »
Don't give in to any of her demands.  It doesn't sound like you are tempted to, but she is playing on your desire to see this resolved, so she is forcing you to accept more than any rational parent should be forced to accept. 

I can't pretend that I understand how you feel, but please know that there are many of us who are working to get 3240 passed so that you and so many others don't have to live a lifetime without your children.