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Hilma denies kidnapping on Brazil's "Today"

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As with every kidnapper who speaks out, the claims are absurd. The idea that it is impossible for a mother to kidnap her child flies directly in the face of hundreds of documented cases. It never ceases to shock me how uneducated and naive kidnappers presume their audience is.

Wow, quite a performance. If it wasn't for that small snort during the performance, I might suggest that Hilma consider turning out for a part on an upcoming novela. How could she be accused of a kidnapping, how can a mother kidnap her own child? All she did was bring her boy to the great country of Brasil to be around his grandparents and cousins. The boy is handsome and has a beautiful smile (looking at her atty for confirmation). For God's sake, she played Volleyball for her country!!

I contend that all people, particularly Brasilians, can see through this facade. They saw through Silvana's tears, they can see through this performance, too ...

You have to admit, though, she checked all the boxes. Family, country, motherhood, faith, culture, xenophobia, provision, love, persecution, service and she didn't even need to look down at her palm. Quite impressive! Just prior to her slipping into tears, though, I denoted some her true motives (my family, my friends ... selfishness) creeping in to her monologue (fortunately she caught herself and turned on the faucet).

Kelvin Jr. is handsome and he will still have his beautiful smile in Texas, home with his Dad (and Mom if she so chooses).

--- Quote from: M.Capestro on May 22, 2010, 11:44:15 AM ---Here's the "Today" TV Record report:

Former player speaks about the dispute of custody of the child

Hilma was married to American and got custody of the child after divorce

A former volleyball player Hilma, who lived in the United States, divorced two years ago and got custody of the child by the Brazilian courts. However the child's father, who is American, appealed the decision. The Federal Justice of Minas Gerais, then determined that the former player would have to return the child to the father Kelvin.
On April 29, STJ (Superior Court) decided that a child of four years of the former player must stay with their mother.

Watch the video of Hilma talks about the dispute of the custody of the child (in Portuguese):

--- End quote ---

Wow - tears and everything.  Nope sorry - not buying it. 

I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but I think that most people, especially in latin cultures, agree with her that a mother can't kidnap her child and that all mothers want what's best for their children. She probably did herself a lot of good with this performance.

Yeah, it's what most people believe. Unfortunately.

If she'd thrown in the Evil Abusive Fatherô she'd have completed the bingo card of abductor excuses.


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