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Brazil STJ - Conciliatory Hearing to continue Thursday, 5/27

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Conciliation agreement on custody of minor Canadian nears end

A conciliation hearing between the parents of a Canadian child seven years of age continued on next Thursday (27th) at 9am. Conciliation is conducted by the judge summoned Paulo Furtado, a member of the Third Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The child was brought to Brazil with one year of age by the mother without the father's permission. Based on an international convention on the kidnapping of children, the Brazilian government filed suit search and seizure to be given to the lowest responsible authority in Canada.

The mother continued relationship with Canadian citizen in Canada, where he resided. In 2004, with authorization from the father of the child only to travel to the United States, the mother changed the route, sailed to Brazil and established permanent residence in Rio de Janeiro. After separation of the couple, the child lived with her mother and has not regulated the spouses, before Justice Canada, issues concerning custody of the child.

The mother appealed to the STJ because the Federal Court of the 2nd Region, based in Rio de Janeiro, had kept the understanding of first instance against the appeal of the mother. The ruling ordered the return of the child to Canada and forbade the mother withdrew the child from Rio de Janeiro without prior judicial authorization to the res judicata of the process (when there is no more resource).

Coordination and Editorial Press
Not what I wanted to read but at least the next hearing isn't in two years. Mayabe
this is a good sign?
I pray that this will be the last one and François will be bring Lukas home this coming weekend.

Hope this not another "delay tactics" by the Brazilian court system. I'll keep praying for Francois and Lukas...

It seems that legal situations are continuing to be dragged on for a long period of time in Brazil...

I do wonder if progress was supposedly made and the judge is hoping he can avoid ruling on the case?

Like LukieD said, it's more time off that Francois has to take from work, more travel expenses, etc. I do hope it pays off to wait. As I've mentioned before, it's been so many years, how much more time do they need to make a decision?


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