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Appeal to Supreme Court of the State of Florida

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I have appealed to the Florida Supreme Court and yesterday, I filed the first "jurisdiction" brief.

The other side must now file theirs (if they choose to do so) and the Supreme's will then decide whether the case will proceed or not.

I have posted on Emily Rose's blog the full text of the brief together with a supporting statement of facts.

The key issues to be decided are:

1.  Why did Barbara Greig at OCI, claim Emily was subject to the jurisdiction of Florida when she was not - the 5th District Court of Appeal ruled there was no jurisdiction in Florida nor anywhere else in the US, so why did Greig file a Hague application with the British authorities claiming there was jurisdiction?

2. Why did the US courts and agencies not enforce the British Supreme Court order for Emily Rose to receive medical treatment for her blindness, especially when 9 British and US doctors recommended it;

3. Reversal of all of the trial court deicision - the 5th DCA (the Appeal Court) only partially reversed the trial court order; they ruled there was no jurisdiction in FL (or the US) but then proceeded to claim jurisdiction because no-one else in the US had it (ignoring the UK) - all the trial court orders should be reversed completely as there is no jurisdiction to issue them...period.

The link to the post is here:

Funny how State was willing to provide falsified documents to help your ex bring back her child but they wouldn't even give me actual and accurate documents that I have legal access to in order to help me bring back mine.  We are both Americans dealing with the same agency after all.  I wonder why she got preferential treatment  :rolleyes:

must have been her "glowing personality"  :hihi

Good luck and Godspeed to you Karl... I know how frustrating it gets as I am dealing with some issues with Costa Rica. 

Roy Koyama - LBP of Emily Alina Koyama

The mother has filed her answer jurisdiction brief in the Supreme Court - I'm waiting for my copy and th US mail to catch up.


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