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Andoni Petroutsas - Abducted to Greece

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My name is George Petroutsas, I am Andoni's Daddy, this is our story:

I am heartsick to hear your story.   It is a lesson in the absolute depravity of these abductors, to know that they are incapable of feeling or envisioning the pain they inflect on their children or the left behind parent. I can only imagine the heartache and fear for your son, that you experienced when your son was not on that plane.   

In your case, it sounds as though you will have the support to pursue the abductor and the legal community behind you.   How stupid of the judge who allowed "one last visit", with a criminal child abductor.  A cautionary tale all left behind parents are aware of.  The judges who make these horrible decisions should be thrown in jail for decisions which have tragic implications for parents who have sacrificed everything, spent years, and endured untold heartache,  just to be reunited with their own dear child.

My reading of this story is that Judge Jeremy Fogel should be disbarred.  First he gave custody to an established child abductor in contravention of a State custody order he didn't seem to have any jurisdiction to modify but then, once federal appeals courts threw out his garbage decision, he undermined the appeals courts decision by facilitating, and all but encouraging, a second abduction.  Not only was a new abduction an easily forseeable consequence of his decision,, but it would be silly to expect that it would end any other way.  Greece may have signed the Hague Convention but, given the stories I read, they rarely seem to comply with it,  Taking children to countries that will not abide by the Hague Convention should be completely curtailed unless explicit permission is given to permanently relocate a child or the other custodial parent agrees.  Allowing "vacations" to these countries against the very reasonable objections of custodial parents is a legal backdoor to completely subvert America's laws and jurisdiction and abuse children.

...welcome to BSH andonisdaddy

Well, Andonis daddy should be ashamed of his actions! Once again he is using his son to get publicity. Mr same old Petroutsas George, playing poor daddy! Has anyone of you guys who rushed to reply have done a basic Google search of his name?? We are talking about a real gangster here, who did not care about the safety of his own child when he hired abductors to kidnap his son. Mr George Petroutsas!! The poor daddy! Is this the same father who engaged an International ring of child abductors to abduct his child? Is this the same father who smuggled his child through Canada? Is this the same father who has been charged with 15 months imprisonment for illegal pocession of firearms?
Is this the same father who has criminal charges for domestic violence?
Is this the same father, a proud member of the Greek Orthodox church in Santa Cruz, whose family has lent the church with an enormous interest rate? Or maybe is this the same father who is accused of civil fraud for 3500000 usd for embezzlement? Or the same father who has charges against him for credit card fraud? Or maybe the same George Petroutsas, a 40 year old guy who cheated on his pregnant wife with his Greek American ex girlfriend when his wife was on her due date?
A real role model for that child?
Maybe Fogel was a brave guy after all!

Mr SageDad,
how quickly you jump to conclusions! Perhaps you should read the 9th Circuit Court order and listen to the minutes to see for yourself that the order was reversed because of a technicality. Or better you should contact Interpol and ask them for the real reason why poor Mr Petroutsas cannot enter Greece!!!! You will be amazed!!


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