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Andoni Petroutsas - Abducted to Greece

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Anyone can submit their own "Rip-Off" report on that site.  Sounds like the guy who submitted this one, Ken, is also defending himself and says:

"Ironically, I have been left to face the responsibility of addressing accusations of impropriety from California authorities all by myself, when it is actually Mr. Kroeker himself that should be doing so. I'm not worried though, because I know what I did, and no final judgment has been made against me yet, despite what Mr. Kroker has said in his statements against me. We do live in a land where you are innocent until proven guilty, and I still have that presumption. Mr. Kroeker, on the other hand does not."

Then he recommends readers look at the sites and for more information.. except neither of these sites exist.

...but yeah, maybe you're right, maybe we should sanction child abduction on the grounds that someone with an axe to grind submitted a consumer Rip-Off report that had the name of the victimized parent in it.  :rolleyes:


--- Quote from: SageDad on August 05, 2010, 11:19:23 AM ---
--- Quote from: Angel on August 05, 2010, 07:39:35 AM ---Mr SageDad,
how quickly you jump to conclusions! Perhaps you should read the 9th Circuit Court order and listen to the minutes to see for yourself that the order was reversed because of a technicality. Or better you should contact Interpol and ask them for the real reason why poor Mr Petroutsas cannot enter Greece!!!! You will be amazed!!

--- End quote ---

AndonisDaddy is not the one here posting anonymously with wild accusations Angel.  His side of the story is the one that's published.  Additionally, your definition of technicality and mine may very well be quite different, but if you give me a link to the court's decision I'll evaluate your unilateral, unsupported, and seemingly unpublished claim.  Greece has a track record of noncompliance with the Hague Abduction Convention.  What you are terming an "abduction" also, based on the article, looks like the recovery of a child illegally retained in a foreign country, ie the recovery of an abducted child.  I can't object to the extralegal recovery of children illegally held in Greece when Greek courts permit no other reasonable form of repatriation.  If recovering a child whose abduction is being illegally sanctioned by Greece makes someone a criminal in Greece then Greece is the real criminal.

Lending money to the church sounds like a noble thing to do.  If the interests rates were too high why would they agree?  In America we have the right to bear arms.  If he really cheated on his wife on her due date that's a pretty shitty thing to do, but it in no way justifies the abduction of a child or the denial of a child's right to know their father.

The people in these forums read about, or live, these cases all the time.  You'd be amazed at how good they are at reading between the lines.

--- End quote ---
Sagedad , this is a very serious case and before you express your opinion and your "judgement " about it  you should examine both sides of the story ,something that the "journalist " of the article did not do at all  and this is at least immoral. As I see some evidence is already available for you and i am sure many more will follow.Additionaly ,there is a greek order that awards full permanent custody to the mother but nobody has mention it.Also keep in mind that the only common citizenship for father ,mother and child is the Greek one (father and child dual citizenship ,mother sigle greek citizenship) whatever this means for international legal relationships.

At last ask Andoni's father to explain the following sentences from the publication

"Petroutsas filed a Hague petition in Greek courts so he could have custody of his son, something a Santa Cruz County judge had granted him, but the Greek court quashed the father's attempt (petition denied).

So three years ago, Petroutsas took matters into his own hands. He went to Greece and took Andoni. When they got back on U.S. soil, Petroutsas went to family court in Santa Cruz to confess what he had done.

fyi for sage dad and Andonis daddy

For Sage Daddy and the rest of you.


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