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Author Topic: Michael McCarty on TODAY SHOW This wed. 1/5/11 at 8am. Please watch for Update  (Read 11388 times)

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It happens all the time, in the US and in Europe.  There's a whole massive child welfare bureaucracy that lives off taking children and making decisions for them.  Social workers, courts, judges, lawyers, "clinical" psychologists, therapists and child experts of all stripes have careers that are dependent on a constant stream of "neglected" and "abused" children.  All of whom are not liable or accountable for the decisions they make.

Most foster parents are in it either for the money or are trying to adopt kids through the backdoor because it's so hard to find unwanted children to adopt (it takes so long and costs so much money.)  Foster parents in it to adopt often alienate the kids from their parents as soon as they get them and hire lawyers to fight to keep the kids from their biological parents, and those in it for the money make for especially bad "parents" (compare that to, supposedly, imperfect parents that actually love their kids.)  In addition to a whole lot of jobs being dependent upon endangered children, federal programs, created with good intentions, pay huge bonuses to states for both keeping children in care and for every child that is adopted out to foster parents, creating perverse incentives to take kids from parents and adopt them out to foster families rather than place with relatives of the "unfit" parent (like aunts, uncles and grandparents... or even fathers.)  The only option that doesn't pay the state is giving seized children back to their parents.

It's a really sad, and very common, problem that I've read a lot about over the past few years while trying to investigate parental child kidnapping since it is often referred to, quite accurately I might add, as government child kidnapping or child abduction.  As with international child abduction cases though, the central problem is the government's presumption that it knows how to care for and protect children and ascertain their "best interests,"  better than the children's own family and parents.  I can literally cite dozens of examples where children were taken because of a complete misunderstanding and not returned for months or years (if ever.)  In my local family court a family that immigrated from Central America had their 2 baby daughters taken for almost two years because the hospital translator mistranslated the word for "diaper rash" in Spanish as "scalding" and social services got called.

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Has anybody heard anything?  I thought there was going to be a ruling very soon.