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I am now wrestling with trying to get the FL court to issue a correct child support order - if they do, it will be the first correct order since this mess started 8 years ago.

The mother's taxpayer funded lawyer is asking for the old, overturned order to be simply reinstated - I doubt that will happen.

I have petitioned for a change in residency given only 1 visitation in 5 years and the continued efforts of the mother and her police officer husband to keep me away from Emily with filing false stalking/harassment charges - the prosecution mounted against me for stalking them was dismissed with prejudice when the state attorney found I was in the UK and Virginia when mom and her hubby claimed I was following them in Florida.  Nevertheless, it means no visitation with Emily since and I am loath to put my head on the chopping block again - my wife and family have discussed this at length and we all agree: it is just too damn dangerous to exercise visitation.

I'm asking the court to look at criminal contempt against mom and her cop husband based on the multiple police complaints and further prosecution after the "trial" - I doubt very much the court will do anything - it hasn't done anything in 8 years and far worse has played out, so I am not holding my breath on that score.

I'll keep you posted with what happens.

Good luck!  Maybe something good will happen this time.  I didn't know you were in danger, be careful.

Sue - this is the timeline of events:
2003 - Emily abducted from the UK
2004 - got visitation with Emily and was arrested and deported after 5 weeks incarceration based on the mother's complaints (subsequently found to be false)
2005 - was able to return to the US - Emily was abducted out of Florida by her mom and was classified as "Missing & Endangered" by FDLE
2006 - Emily located and returned to FL - 2 weeks later I was accused of raping her and went into hiding amidst death threats - allegations found to be false (the 2nd set of sexual abuse allegations she made)
2007 - no visitation - barred from US for life based on mom's allegations
2008 - mother refuses all visitation
2009 - one visitation - my wife and I were physically threatened by mom's husband while 2 police officers watched and did nothing (they were just waiting for me to react) - stalking prosecution mounted claiming I was following them in FL (when I was in the UK and VA)

So far I have been prosecuted/investigated 8 times - more than 300 police complaints against me by mom and her proxies and 3 arrest warrants issued - all found to be false allegations - no exceptions

And the FL court has done nothing about this behavior. When I travel to FL I notify the British Consulate in Orlando in the morning and evening to let them know I am at liberty.

There is nothing safe about this period. I know only too well what would happen to me in jail - I know exactly what happens to people accused of sexual offenses against children - one man was raped when I was in jail last time and I'm damned if that is ever going to happen to me.


All I can say is I'm wishing you the best and will keep you and all the other LBP in my prayers.  It just breaks my heart to read all the garbage that you all have been through and continue to go through.  You all deserve your children back.

This is appalling.  I can't believe she and her husband are able to get away with this crap!  I hope you come out ahead of this one.


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