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Author Topic: my fingers and body are shaking because my OWN solicitor has me so worked up .  (Read 2985 times)

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Remember Ireland is 6 hours ahead of my time so when they call me its 4AM-8 AM my time(thats right , right before or right after lunch their time )
 My Solicitor last week asked me to agree to provide my whole case file to the attorney here making the affidavit of law .of course for someone in America to declare law based on unsupported or deposition or documents that are not admissable as facts is violating my explicit  constitutional rights , specifically the 14th Amendment of due process and procedural protections that include when they declare state law in support or non support of my civil rights of custody and access to my Son !
   Remember ,its 7AM and I am arguing with MY solicitor about her requesting a "yes or no" answer to the courts request to provide my whole case file to this attorney that is declaring my Sons fate .
When I say "I already Objected to the non supported documents and deposition she provided but agree to ALL  the supported court records , sworn law enforcement affidavits and court declarations that she or I myself provided to the court ," and she(my own Solicitor ) blows up on me amd says " The Judge will send the whole file anyway , Your just trying to make this difficult !"
   One question here people , If a judge is going to do something with no regard to either parties admonitions , why ask , it would be a waste of his time ,both parties and their solicitors time and their tax dollars ( and we all know Ireland , Dublin doesnt have much of that to rely on).
 So after I hang up with her I call my CA and tell her something is fishy when my own solicitor is so adiment(spelling?) to have me agree yes with no objections and say I am just trying to make this difficult (excuse me ? She hasnt got a f*# clue what difficult is , sell your home and have an arguement with your own attorney during an abduction trial at 7AM ) anyway i asked her to call irish CA and ask them  provide me with the file that something has got to be a muck and my CA was hammered , she says " wow , I have never in 15 years had anyone request that Gary ,let me contact my supervisor and ask and tell her the situation.and see if we even can ."
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