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Author Topic: telephone access 3 days a week  (Read 2548 times)

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telephone access 3 days a week
« on: July 11, 2011, 11:37:12 AM »
Finally since Sept of last year my solicitor gets me access !!!!!
 I enjoyed hearing his voice and knowing he is well . I called him while he was walking to a friends house to play "Harry Potter" on PS3  and we talked about fishing and gaming like we used to do just having fun and than he pops out with this " I know what this is about " it hit me like a rock and he is now 13 and do I need to tell you of my solicitors warnings ??? Of course not .
 All I can say is , " It is what it is Dylan , I LOVE and MISS you and enjoy talking to you ! Thats what this is about ". Silence  is all I hear and I tell him " Dylan , when you were with your Mother in Maine ,did I not talk to you everyday on the phone ?" again silence " Dylan ,can you hear me ?" he replys "yes"  i asked again did I not talk to you everyday on the phone when you were in Maine ?" he replys "yes" so I than ask him " why would you think this is any different ?,I missed you than as I do now !" I went on to say " Dylan , I know your 13, intelligent and know whats going on between me and your Mother, but please, dont let it be an issue now .This is a happy moment not a bad one and i dont want it to be , all I can say is dont believe everything you hear , but always Know I LOVE you "
  okay so .... Manipulation by the abductor ? Anyone see it ? She also claims I wasnt excercising my access rights while he was in Maine . Hmmmmpfff , again .... Thing is I have it recorded and witnessed by the same person(pulaski county deputy sheriff and  civil administrator) she claims served me her application and service and summons for custody ( but the deputy swore in an affidavit to the court that did not happen) that she did acquire ( props to her for however she did that , disnt realise she even had that intellect to process such a complex illegal strategy )
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