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Parental Abduction, child taken to Colombia

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--- Quote from: LukieD on May 02, 2012, 09:34:09 AM ---"Provide information concerning the criminal aspects of the case, including the use of federal and state criminal warrants against an abducting parent, passport revocation, and extradition from a foreign country to effect return of a child to the U.S.[there’s no extradition from Colombia in these cases, so why mention it?]

--- End quote ---

You know, as I go back and read this again, I'm not sure the bolded text above was intended to be part of the State Dept's webpage. Seems like perhaps it was meant as an edit to an earlier draft and got left in the material the State Dept posted online. Either way, it says something about the likely success of any attempts to extradite a parental child abductor.

im glad to see in your URL post of extraditions their proposal includes humanity crimes. Thanks for the URLs LukieD

This is perhaps the better line to quote from the State Dept report I link to above:

"Criminal Aspects:  The crime of international parental abduction is covered in the Colombian Penal Code as simple kidnapping, with circumstances that can increase or reduce the punishment. Colombia does not consider international parental kidnapping as an extraditable offense. "

Ya , were caught by our cohonas in any country it seems lukieD. your the bomb , thanks

This is all great stuff, I wish I had known this when I started 3 years ago.


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