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Author Topic: Quintana Abduction Cases  (Read 18211 times)

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Quintana Abduction Cases
« on: May 09, 2012, 05:28:04 PM »

UPDATE - MAY 2017:After 7 long years, Tony Quintana finally has his daughters back...!
(see bottom for latest post with update)

General Description of Abduction Case for Victoria and Virginia Quintana

Victoria and Virginia Quintana are the daughters of Maria Victoria Camuyrano and Antonio Quintana, who married December 1st, 2004 and held matrimonial co-habitation in Loudoun County, Virginia USA. Although the couple met, and always resided before and after the marriage in Loudoun County, Virginia, Antonio is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico and Maria Victoria of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It was very common for the couple to spend the Christmas vacation season in Argentina or Puerto Rico, unless Antonio was deployed outside the United States, which occurred frequently due to Antonio’s career as an Aerospace Sales Executive for Civil and Military goods in representation of a large Defense Contractor. It was also common for the family to travel at times to Southeast Asia, Europe and other parts of the world, but they always maintained their permanent residence in Loudoun County, Virginia irrespective of the length of any foreign or domestic travel.

Antonio Quintana and Maria Victoria Camuyrano were blessed with the birth of their daughters Victoria on November 6th, 2006 and Virginia on April 29th, 2008, while living in Loudoun County, Virginia, their habitual residence.

On November 5th, 2009; as part of the usual Christmas vacation season, Maria Victoria Camuyrano, Virginia Quintana, and Victoria Quintana left on a flight from Washington Dulles International Airport in Sterling, Virginia to Buenos Aires, Argentina, arriving November 6th, 2009.  Antonio Quintana joined them in Buenos Aires on December 22nd and spent the Christmas Holiday season with his wife and daughters in Buenos Aires and Bariloche, Argentina.  On January 13th, 2010; due to work commitments, Antonio Quintana returned to the matrimonial household in Ashburn, Virginia and Maria Victoria Camuyrano and their two daughters remained behind after Maria Victoria Camuyrano made the argument that January is a vacation month in Argentina and they wanted to spend the balance of the month in the seaside resort of Mar del Plata, which they did alongside Rosario Ippolito (grandmother of the children).  During previous visits to Argentina in the Christmas vacation season, this was a common occurrence, so it was not a cause for concern or suspicion for Antonio to agree to this arrangement.  In some previous years Antonio himself joined the family in Mar del Plata, but never the entire month of January as work commitments would never permit such an extended leave.  It’s worthy to mention that in Argentina January is the primary Summer vacation month and most people including government employees are off.  This provided for the grandmother to have more time to spend with the kids and made for a strong argument as to why this arrangement was almost routine; given the rest of the year the kids resided many thousands of miles away and made for difficult visits otherwise.

Once the Mar del Plata vacation concluded on Feb. 1, 2010; and as the months went by, Maria Victoria Camuyrano placed one excuse after the next as to why she did not want to return from Argentina.  This was very uncommon. On previous occurrences, once the vacation month of January concluded, Camuyrano and the kids where normally back to the matrimonial household in Virginia by the second week of February.  Utilizing excuses from: 'I lost the passports' to 'my grandma is too ill', Maria Victoria Camuyrano provided dozens of excuses to delay the return. Finally, Maria Victoria Camuyrano agreed to return, but only if Antonio Quintana traveled down to pick them up and help them return, which he agreed to do once a long weekend arrived so that it had minimal impact on his work engagements.  On July 1st, 2010 when the flight to Argentina was to take Antonio Quintana to Buenos Aires to pick up his wife and two daughters and return with them July 5th, 2010 back to Virginia; Maria Victoria Camuyrano revealed over the phone just a few hours before the flight was to leave, that she had no intention of returning to the U.S with the children.  In addition to the shock of hearing this revelation, Maria Victoria Camuyrano further informed Antonio Quintana telephonically that she had a restraining order against him and upon arrival in Argentina, if he dared come down, he would be arrested if he attempted to approach his wife and/or daughters. She went further to say that a divorce case was pending in Argentina, a place the couple never held matrimonial co-habitation.  But given Camuyrano's mother’s influence as an employee of the courts in Argentina, this proved to be the only requirement used time and again to bypass legal protocols as trivial as jurisdiction.  Normally a magistrate or court official would look into this type of abuse claim and not let litigation be started if it is completely unfounded, as it was in this case.  However it turns out that in Argentina so long as you have a friend inside the courts, many regulations do not apply to you, and regulations meant to control abuses by precisely this type of people are rendered null and void in the Argentina courts.

Additionally Maria Victoria Camuyrano filed a case for spousal abuse and another accusing Antonio Quintana of molesting the oldest of his daughters, Victoria Quintana (both claims later determined by the courts in Argentina to be completely without merit). The shock to Antonio Quintana was clearly overwhelming. After so many months of eagerly looking forward to seeing his daughters and only hours away from getting on the plane to go down to see them, it felt like the world had collapsed right before his eyes. That is why she deceptively delayed her return -- she was setting a trap where she would claim to have “relocated along with the husband” to Argentina, thus attempting to justify Argentina as the jurisdiction where she would do battle.

Antonio Quintana immediately dialed his longtime friend and lawyer, Michael Sifers, Esq. in Reston, Virginia, who in no uncertain terms told him not to get on that plane. Until legal counsel could understand what she had filed, and until legal counsel had the ability to file in the Virginia courts the relevant paperwork, 'stay put' was the advice given.  Therefore Antonio Quintana did not travel that day to Argentina and hence has not seen his two daughters since January 13th, 2010, and has not talked to them since June 2010.

Mary E. Harkins, Esq. on July 26th, 2010 filed a petition of divorce on behalf of Antonio Quintana in the Virginia courts on grounds of abandonment by his wife, and requested permanent physical and legal custody of the children.  Judge Burke McCahill, Circuit Judge of Loudoun County, Virginia, granted both petitions, and later a family court Judge The Hon. Pamela Brooks made custody to Antonio permanent and ordered Maria Victoria Camuyrano return the children immediately, a mandate she has been served with in Argentina and has chosen to ignore for years.  Hence Judge Brooks signed two CAPIAS for the arrest of Maria Victoria Camuyrano for failure to comply with the orders of the Loudoun County, Virginia Courts.  The arrest warrants for  Maria Victoria Camuyrano are one for each of the children (Victoria and Virginia).  John Whitbeck from Whitbeck, Cisneros, and McElroy PC. in Leesburg, Virginia; Jeremy D. Morley, Esq. and Mark Vincent Pagano, Esq. (http://www.international-divorce.com) from The Law Office of Jeremy D. Morley in New York also act as co-counsel for Antonio Quintana.

The case in Argentina for restitution of the children is progressing through the courts and Fabiana Marcela Quaini, Esq. is lead counsel for Antonio Quintana in that and all matters Maria Victoria Camuyrano has filed in Argentina.  Other lawyers retained in Argentina to assist with the case load include Criminal Attorney Juan Carlos Echazú, Lic. Roberto Fabian Muńiz, Lic. Paul Jason Faust Weber, Esq., the very capable and energetic attorneys Devora Pannucio Perato, and Hernan Alcover, both who have now published on this case in a book on international restitution.

Unfortunately the Argentina courts have disregarded The Hague Convention (to which Argentina and approximately 80 other countries are signatories) and its mandates, which call for the children to be returned to the place of their habitual residence (the US) within six weeks of the commencement of the court proceedings in Argentina so custody can be adjudicated there. To date, over five years have gone by since the initial filings without much progress and complaints have been filed in numerous venues or with organizations including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Bring Sean Home Foundation, the Argentinean Consejo de la Magistratura (to raise the various Judges’ inactivity in both the 7th and 81st districts), and the United States House of Representatives through the 10th Congressional District of Virginia's Congresswoman, The Hon. Barbara Comstock, amongst others. No doubt remains that Maria Victoria Camuyrano is a selfish, and less than truthful individual willing to lie and break the law to whatever extremes she deems necessary to get away with kidnapping Antonio Quintana’s children.

God willing these children will once again be next to their loving father who will move mountains to protect them and bring them back home.
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2012, 08:52:05 AM »
Here are some photos of Anthony with his daughters -- Victoria and Virginia.

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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2012, 11:17:05 AM »
Argentina was once highly regarded for their legal scholarship amongst nations in Latin America and probably remains the country in the region most committed to the rule of law.  That said, the bar has been set very low in Latin America and being the best of the worst is a dubious honor indeed.

The US State Department even designated Argentina as having "Patterns of Non-Compliance" with the Hague Convention in its 2012 report (and you have to be pretty bad for State to be willing to public admit it.)

The intent here seems clear enough.  Delay leaving Argentina as long as possible in order to build the best possible case against a Hague petition for the children's return to the US.  Create a series of allegations of abuse and violence against the father and then, just before he is to arrive, drop a bombshell on his head to make sure that when he does arrive, he is angry, confused, desperate and out of his wits and likely to make spur of the moment highly emotional statements and actions that can subsequently be used against him as evidence of him being unstable and/or violent.

Domestic violence is a serious matter, but I view any and all claims of it made during divorce and child custody type litigation as highly suspect.  Even more so when those claims are made from a foreign country that the claims maker is likely to wish to relocate to post divorce. 

The way this story is presented certainly makes it look as though the mother hired an attorney very early on and began planning a legal strategy to kidnap the children to Argentina long before she informed the father of her plans.  I would take a very close look at when the law firm supporting the mother was retained, when they were paid and the role they have played in the initiation of legal proceedings.  It certainly appears as though they are factually complicit, if not legally and criminally liable for the role they have played in constructing the current state of affairs.  Being able to prove a series of pre-meditated steps involving deceit, fraud, and bad faith specifically designed to bolster a Hague Convention case should negatively impact that case substationally.  The exceptions to returning children are meant to be for exceptional circumstances involving grave risk to children.  If abductors are allowed to construct their own carefully planned narratives designed, alongside legal counsel, to give the appearance of an exception existing they should also be fully capable of handling the situation in the legally correct manner - namely, filing for a petition of divorce, custody and relocation in the home country.  Encouraging carefully pre-meditated abductions where lawyers file numerous petitions in secret in a foreign country months before the illegal abduction/retention actually occurs is a gross violation of the spirit and intent of the Hague Convention.
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2012, 01:51:15 PM »
SageDad you are right. The only court in Argentina that moves good is our Supreme Court, all cases arrive there but you need years to arrive.  Today mothers hire a kind of lawyers that for money they do whatever to delay the case.  First lawyer hired by the mother is now with a process in the bar association, second one is not so different from the first one, he is a little bit more carefull.  Criminal lawyers in Argentina complicate the case and the system is too slow.  I can tell you  Argentine system of law does not work as it should work, not only because of the system but because of  the lawyers mothers hire.  There should not be so much appeals.  When court works good and you have an honest attorney case is not longer than 1 years 18 months arriving to the Supreme Court.
We need all claim against Argentina to make  our President to know the problem, I am sure she has not idea about it.  Courts do not care about claims from Embassy or Central Authority, judges only care when their job may be in risk and they could be fired.

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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2012, 10:06:33 AM »

The intent here seems clear enough.  Delay leaving Argentina as long as possible in order to build the best possible case against a Hague petition for the children's return to the US.  Create a series of allegations of abuse and violence against the father and then, just before he is to arrive, drop a bombshell on his head to make sure that when he does arrive, he is angry, confused, desperate and out of his wits and likely to make spur of the moment highly emotional statements and actions that can subsequently be used against him as evidence of him being unstable and/or violent.

and also let them become settled in their new home and turned against LBP . Not that they dont love the LBP but they now dont want to leave their new friends , their beloved TP, and if the LBP would just leave them alone and quit fighting.... so sad is this web they weave.
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
« Reply #5 on: June 30, 2017, 10:21:52 PM »
After 7 long years, Tony Quintana finally has his daughters back...!



After seven years and seven figures worth of expenses, a Lovettsville man has reunited with his two daughters.

 The story began in 2009, when Victoria and Virginia Quintana from Loudoun County accompanied their father, Tony Quintana, and their mother, Maria Victoria, to the mother's native Argentina for Christmas. The family had previously alternated their Christmas vacations between Argentina and Puerto Rico, where Tony was born.

 “My wife, had some problems with child birth, and she seemed to suffer some depression afterwards, but I imagined she would recover, and she appeared to,” Tony Quintana said.

 After Tony Quintana returned to the U.S. by himself for work, the mother “asked to stay” and “kept delaying coming home, claiming she'd lost her passport,” Quintana said.

 “When I arranged to come down to help them come back -- and she cooperated in these arrangements – she told me on the day I was to fly to Buenos Aires that she'd filed an action in Argentina to arrest me. I had no idea she was thinking anything like this.”

 Tony Quintana was given legal advice not to fly to Argentina in case he got arrested. So he instead went to court in Loudoun. The Circuit Court issued an order awarding him custody and requiring his wife to return the girls from Argentina.

 But that didn't happen, and the Loudoun Circuit Court issued another order for his wife's arrest.

 “I had to convince local counsel in Argentina that I really had not abused my daughters. He reviewed the charges and found them to be frivolous,” Quintana said.

 The Supreme Court of Argentina eventually ruled that the marriage residence and domicile was in Virginia, that the United States had jurisdiction and the Circuit Court decision was valid. The children must be returned to their father, it was determined.

 The legal wranglings for Tony Quintana have been long and costly. He said the whole mess, which included family, international and criminal defense counsel, cost him seven figures.

 But finally, on May 16, the day came -- Tony Quintana reunited with his daughters he hadn't seen in seven years. Victoria, who was born in 2006, and Virginia who was born in 2008, flew into Dulles Airport and into their father's arms.

 “I was very excited to see them but also very sad. I have missed so much of their lives. I had incredible joy but incredible sadness,” Quintana said. “I was trying to hold back the tears, to be cool, calm, and collected but as I explained it was just tears of happiness. There was a little period of awkwardness for a few hours but by the next day they were calling me dad.”

 Tony Quintana's ex-wife Maria Victoria Camuyrano was arrested at Dulles Airport upon arrival and appeared before Loudoun Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

 According to the court she was charged with failure to appear and failure to comply with a custody order. She was fined and released. It wasn't immediately clear if she remains in the U.S.

 Since the girls' arrival, Tony Quintana's mother Estrella has flown in to spend time with her grand-daughters. Three aunts are currently staying in the family's Lovettsville home and a number of therapists are involved in helping the children adapt to their new surroundings. They are also learning English, not their first language, at a rapid rate.

 “At the moment they are having the time of their lives,” Quintana said. “They've had seven years of birthday gifts to open.”

 On May 21, Tony Quintana took the girls on one of their first father-daughter shopping trips, buying them bikes.

 “They’ve been after me to get them bikes. So that’s what we’re doing,” he said.

-Times-Mirror contributor John Flannery assisted with this story.
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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Re: Quintana Abduction Cases
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