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My poor son, I'm so sorry.

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May 14th was Sage's 5th birthday.

I sent my lawyer to court to request current pictures of Sage and have them formally ask Sage what gift he'd like for his birthday from his father (since the courts unwillingness to enforce my interim visitation rights prevents me from asking him myself.)

My lawyer wrote the request and the court scheduled a hearing for 5/31 to have Sage come in for pictures and name 5 gifts he might like from his father for his birthday.

The 5/31 hearing did take place as scheduled, but no pictures were taken and Sage was never asked what presents he'd like from his father.

Instead the judge arranged to be out of the office and a court secretary, court psycologlist and the prosecutor "representing" Sage locked themselves into a court chamber alone with Sage (should note, the latter two officials already have a long history of misconduct and ongoing complaints against them related to Sage.)

Behind closed doors and away from the eyes of everyone (including cameras or tape recordings) they bluntly, tactlessly and abusively interrogated Sage asking him questions from a script to his scripted answers which said "I don't know my father," "I don't know who my father is," "I don't know who Carlos David Bermudez is" and, upon being shown my picture saying, "I don't know who that is in the photograph." "He is nothing to me and I am nothing to him."

When they came out from the court chamber my lawyer was waiting after having been kept in the dark as to what they had planned to do to Sage.  Sage immediately said to his mother, also waiting in the lobby, "Mom, I told them what you told me to say" in front of the whole court including the secretary, psychologist and prosecutor.  My lawyer demanded that the court officially make note of the statement but they refused saying that because the statement was in the lobby it wasn't official and stubbornly, and illegally, totally refused to make note of it or their refusal to make note of it.

They created a written summary of the findings and proceedings and passed it around for the parties to sign.  Everyone else signed and it was presented to my lawyer.  He read what they had done and refused to sign it.  He took the original copy and began writing upon it a formal objection and immediate response to the completely illegal proceeding that had just taken place without the presence of qualified professionals in psychology to protect the child's mental well-being and determine the level of alienation, coaching and manipulation that was involved.  The police were called and my lawyer was, once again, threatened with arrest, this time for the supposed destruction of court documents.  The judge, who had skipped out on the hearing, was contacted and my lawyer was ultimately allowed to submit his objections and statements regarding the hearing on the hearing summary.  Among other things he stated that this court case is already totally, and formally, closed and awaiting a decision, and that they had intentionally and illegally conspired to invent a last minute piece of manufactured evidence with which they could ignore all the existing evidence and history in the case and hide behind the "child's wishes" when publishing their, already past due, decision.

I never wanted Sage to be involved in this way.  I never wanted him to be forced to pick sides.  I didn't want him to be used a weapon against his own family.  I have told my lawyers, above all things, that protecting my son from alienation and abuse is their top priority, that they are supposed to protect my son at all times from being used as a pawn and forced to testify on behalf of his kidnappers like some hostage held by extremists.  It is the only thing for which I have, very frankly and clearly, told them, if they fail at, I will fire them.  Not because I am concerned about the legal strategy, but because it is child abuse, and their top priority needs to be protecting my son Sage from abuse during these proceedings.

I am so sorry Sage.

I am so sorry too breaks my heart just reading this and imagining the whole situation..a similar thing is happening to my son now...just hang in there Carlos..keep your faith up and God bless you and your son

That is just awful.  That poor little boy, and what evil people they are to do this to him....I'm so sorry Carlos.

I am so sorry too Carlos . What cruel person would make a child choose between the the ones he loves. What does that do to a childs heart? But know your son is not the only one , it is how they do it in all countries , going against the Hague and holding their own family courts. When all is in the favor of the return ,they use the child knowing they will not go against the present care giver.

Carlos I feel so bad for both you and little Sage.  He clearly was coached by those miserable people.  I only hope that he still has wonderful memories of both you and him together, however brief they may be.  There is a special place in hell for those horrible people.  My prayers to you both and all the other LBP.


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